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Zoeppritz Offers Unique Soft Furnishings for the Home

May 24th, 2008


Do you sometimes feel as if something is off balance or not quite finished when you look around a room? Even though you’ve carefully chosen the right elements and all the furniture is in the correct scale, it’s the final details that can sometimes make a room go from unimpressive to “Wow!” Personal touches and the unexpected are details that give a room its life. It tells the story of who lives there.

Zoeppritz is a leading manufacturer of home accessories, offering wonderful neutrals and vibrant colors in throws, blankets, decorative pillows, and more. Zoepprtiz is a German company that has been around since 1828 and uses conventional as well as innovative materials made of the highest quality to combine the traditional with the latest fashionable trends.

I found it interesting to learn that some Zoeppritz blankets once helped a German zeppelin airship avert a catastrophe. In 1928 “Graf Zeppelin” as it was called was on a flight and part of the outer casing of the zeppelin was damaged. Eight Zoeppritz blankets were used to cover the damaged area and prevented the airship from crashing to the ground!

I don’t think we have to worry about packing our Zoeppritz blankets on our next zeppelin trip, but we can use them to add punch to our décor. DefiningElegance.com carries the Zoeppritz collections. Everything from cashmere, fleece, wool, cotton, synthetics, and furs are available. My favorite is the Microstar throw. It’s a synthetic and unbelievably soft! It’s washable and it comes in many gorgeous colors. A word of warning though….adults will fight over it!

Here is a small sampling of Zoeppritz products found on DefiningElegance.com.

Zoeppritz Purity Decorative Pillow is 100% Cashmere. Available in 2 sizes and 6 colors. Button detailing.

Zoeppritz Jump Cube is 100% Springbok Fur and measures 16x16x18. Also available in a decorative pillow.

Zoeppritz Desire Throw is 100% Cashmere. Available in 10 colors.

Zoeppritz Highland Throw is made of 100% Lama-Alpaca. This throw is a generous 59×79.



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