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Wall Tapestries As A Popular Choice For Home Décor

January 16th, 2009

Textiles and tapestries have been used for hundreds of years in the decoration of homes and retain their popularity today. Tapestry is a sophisticated art form that enjoys a variety of cultural origins, media and historical contexts. A variety of designs can be transformed into tapestries including landscapes, still life, abstract, nature and fantasy. Several artists sign agreements to adapt their work in this way, adding a new perspective to the original design. Tapestry wall hangings enable the art lover to use creativity in enhancing the modern home with adapted designs.

A Modern Perspective on a Traditional Craft

Wool was used in creating traditional tapestries, particularly those from the medieval era. It was easily available and had the durability and strong bases for using dyes and pigments. Although mixing of fibre has occurred natural materials and dyes have continued to be used, and tapestry weaving has retained its reputation for using the very best of weaving technique and traditional materials.

More recently synthetic fibres have been incorporated with wool to create a more robust and longer lasting effect. This would have been the envy of many a Medieval weaver as the effect enriches the work and preserves the warmth traditionally associated with tapestry.

Thus old and new are blended to ensure the very best of modern wall tapestry. It is now possible to buy classic old masters in tapestry format that are enhanced in colours more vibrant than originally intended, mainly due to advances in dye and pigment production.

A popular choice for modern tapestry is chenille due to its flexible and adaptable nature. Used in a variety of domestic setting such as throws and tapestry it adds warmth and an elegant and sophisticated finish to home décor not achieved by some other materials.

Perspectives on Creating a Decorating Illusion

There are some spaces in the home that continue to be a decorating challenge. The modern wall may not fit with antique furniture, or a room may appear cold or too small. Using a wall tapestry helps to cleverly disguise these interior design issues as well as add a feature or create a basis for a theme. Adding warmth to a room or helping an area appear larger can be done with tapestry, and help make a home appealing to potential buyers. Using a well chosen tapestry can solve a multitude of decorating problems and add that special touch to furnishing.

Small spaces can be made to look less cramped by using landscape or a medieval traditional piece, bringing that freshness into a room. Creating illusions with a carefully selected tapestry ensures the eye is trained on looking outwards. Rooms can be lengthened instantly by horizontal tapestries, while a space can appear open by using those that feature doors and windows. Placing a series of small tapestries together in a large and cold environment will help a space look smaller and more intimate.

Practical and versatile

A wall tapestry is a charming addition to the modern home in that space is enhanced and a feature for reflection is created. Tapestries continue to retain their popularity today and are as versatile and popular as they were in medieval times.

Eastern style tapestries enjoyed a short period of popularity, however they remain in vogue today. The pieces act as a record of a way of life abroad and a statement of places once visited, whilst giving an insight into the way in which Europeans perceived the Eastern world during the 18th and 19th century. In tapestry form they make a bold and distinct statement as a wall hanging in the modern home.

Fine art and tapestry was at one time the domain of the select few. Thanks to modern day high detail weaving techniques tapestry is something that is a classical and affordable piece for the home. Traditional fine art is enhanced by the detailed weave and texture of tapestry, providing a select and distinctive feature in interior design. Tapestry and fine art are now accessible to those who desire elegance and classical décor in their homes.

Morris once said,” Have nothing in your houses that you do know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” One of the most prolific artists of the nineteenth century, his works are seen today in modern homes and a testament to the fact that beauty does not age.

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Angela Dawson-Field divides her time between writing and the Tapestry House. She writes extensively on tapestries & wall hangings


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