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Knowing When To Ask For An Estimate

October 31st, 2010

Finding repairmen and home improvement experts you can trust is a challenge, but it will be easier if you work with potential professionals ahead of time and secure a written estimate for the work you need. While you may face an emergency situation where you need to call on the services of a professional for immediate needs, there will also be times when you can think through the services you need and choose from a variety of options. When getting an estimate, use the time to get to know the professional, determine if they are confident in their ability to complete the work you need, and finally, to get an approximate cost for the work. Determine if each estimate is locked in or if there is a variance in what you may pay. Some contractors guarantee their work will not be more than the estimate and they eat the cost should it go over. Others promise their work will be within a range and what you pay will be no more than a percentage of the estimate. Make sure you understand this before signing on the dotted line. One of the instances you may want an estimate is with pest control services. If you have a termite problem, call in two or three options and see who works best for you.

Another instance when you want to get an estimate is when you are having new windows installed. Rates for windows vary a great deal and choosing between a local or nationally owned company can make a big difference in what you pay. If you can find a reputable, licensed, local company, you are likely to pay less than with a national chain. However, it is tougher to determine if a small local company will stand behind its product. On the other hand, larger companies may contract out for installation, leaving you hanging if there is a problem. Be sure to ask these questions during the estimate meeting.

If your furnace should need replacing, be sure to get a few estimates on a new furnace and on installation. Installing a furnace is a challenging job that should be done by an experienced professional. When interviewing professional installers, be sure they have done the work before.

Getting new carpeting in your home is exciting, but it takes a lot of work. You need to choose the right carpet for you and then you must make sure it is installed by experienced professionals. If you are buying your carpet from a large chain store, ask if they use their own installers or if they contract out. Knowing this in advance can save you a lot of headaches.

Finally, the interior in your home is not the only place where improvements will require an estimate. If you want to improve the outside of your home with landscaping changes, it is important to call on a few options to determine what will work best for you. If you have ideas in mind, choose a landscaping service that seems most capable of achieving those results. Those with no ideas who just want things to look better should go with the vision that most impresses them during the estimate meeting. When getting an estimate for anything, price is important, but should not be your only consideration.

Stewart Wrighter is an expert in the field of exterminating and contributes articles about what to look for in pest control services and how to hire the best. He is very knowledgeable on the subject of termite infestation and how to get rid of the problem.

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