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Moving to a Beachfront Condo? Make Sure You’re Prepared

October 31st, 2010

If you’re getting ready to move to a beachfront condo — especially if you’re moving a long distance — make sure that you take all the necessary steps for a smooth move. Here are some suggestions to make the process easier:

1. First Things First: Make Checklists

Make lists of everything you’re bringing with you and everything (if anything) you’re putting into storage. Anything else that’s left over you can either donate to charity, try to sell or give away to family or friends. Then, make a list of all the phone numbers you’ll need: realtors, movers, storage companies, etc. Having lists of everything you need to do will make it much harder to forget anything.

2. Prepare Your New Condo

If you think you might want to do any sort of major upgrades to the interior of your new place, such as putting in/remove carpeting, painting the walls or anything else that will require a room be emptied of furniture and decorations, make sure it’s done well-before you move in — moving furniture is enough of a chore; having to do it again will be much worse.

3. When You’re Packing

Make sure you have enough moving supplies (i.e. boxes, tape, packing peanuts, etc.). While you’re packing, group things together by room, so when you get to Florida and start to unpack in your beachfront condo, all the kitchen items will be together, all the bathroom items will be together, and so on. Write whichever room the box belongs to on all sides of the box so you or the movers will know which room to bring it straight to. When you choose a moving van or truck, figure out what size will hold all your belongings, then go up a size, in case you decide at the last minute to bring a few extra things with you.

4. If/When You’re Storing

Whether you’re storing things in the town you’re moving from or the town you’re moving town, make sure beforehand that the unit you’ve chosen will actually fit everything you need to store. As with the moving truck, it would be wise to get a slightly larger unit, just in case you realize you don’t want to bring certain things along. In terms of organizing the storage unit, put more valuable belongings in the back, heavier, larger boxes and furniture on the very bottom, and make sure you leave space for an aisle for easy navigating. And again, label the box on all sides to make it easy to see what’s in which boxes.

5. When You’re Moving In

When you’ve arrived at your beachfront condo, have a strategy in place for bringing everything inside. Bring large things like furniture in first, starting with the rooms farthest from the entry door and working your way in so you don’t have to try to maneuver past everything in the front room.

Following these steps will make what could be an extremely stressful situation much easier, and even allow you to have fun with it. Don’t let your move to a beachfront condo turn into a nightmare!

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