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How To Design A Great Master Bedroom

November 1st, 2010

Having a comfortable bedroom that serves as a retreat from the rest of the home is the dream of many homeowners. This is especially true for those with young children or large families. It is important for parents to have a place that is all their own and the bedroom is the perfect area for this. If you have an en suite, it is even more of a luxury. If your en suite is lacking, you can add a bathroom wall cabinet or medicine cabinet no mirror. Even little upgrades can make the space more comfortable and give you a place that is private and all your own. It may not feel like much but if it is your own or you are only sharing it with your spouse, it can feel like a respite at the end of a long day.

Another way to create a great bedroom space is to focus on the main thing you will be doing in the space, which is sleeping. There is a tendency for people to bring pieces of their entire house into the bedroom, without even realizing they are jeopardizing their peace of mind and their health. Create a room in which you can sleep and make that the main priority in your bedroom. Build a comfortable bed and invest in a high quality mattress. If you have neglected parts of the rest of your home to avoid the children damaging expensive furniture and materials, the bedroom is where you can create an oasis of high-quality furnishings. Make it off-limits to the kids and pile your bed with expensive linens, soft pillows, and warm, cozy blankets.

Do what you can to keep the environment protected from the noise in the rest of the house. When your children are babies you will need to hear if they call to you or cry. However, as they reach adolescence, postpone their bed times and play their music louder and louder, you will need to protect your sleeping time from their disturbances. When choosing which room you will use for a master bedroom, make it far away from your teenage child’s space and choose the room with the thickest, most sound-proof enclosure..

Create a dressing area in your room, but avoid creating a workspace. You should have an organized closet that makes getting ready in the morning fun. You will be surprised how much smoother your days go when you get ready in peace. Conversely, avoid bringing work into your sleeping space. If you have a desk set up and you use your computer in your bedroom, do what you can to change that.

Finally, end the debate between you and whoever shares your bedroom about the television. If you both want a television in the bedroom, add one. If you are both against it, there is no reason to consider the issue further. However, if one would like a television and the other wants it to be a TV-free zone, you must reach a compromise. Put the television in an armoire or agree to only use it during certain times of the day or week.

Stewart Wrighter recently purchased a bathroom wall cabinet for his remodeled bathroom. He sent his son to college so he bought a medicine cabinet no mirror for his apartment bathroom.

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