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How To Design A Loft Space

November 5th, 2010

Moving into a loft space is exciting, but if the space is raw you may find it a challenge to turn it into something that feels like home. Lofts are wide open and often lack any doors or walls. A creative homeowner is going to love a blank canvas like this, but can still feel overwhelmed when it comes to moving in and getting settled. The first thing you will want to do is create a comfortable space for using the facilities. Even if you live alone you will want some privacy. Section off a space and add some small bathroom storage. If there is one section of the loft that needs to have walls, this is it. Once a toilet, shower, and sink are installed, add walls to the space, along with a door. Even a medicine cabinet without mirror provides you a place to store personal items and toiletries.

Your next task in a loft space is to create a kitchen area with room for dining. This area can be open to the rest of the loft, but make sure it is well-lit and functioning. Consider the usual rules for kitchen design like forming the appliances into a triangle. If you can move easily from refrigerator to stove to sink, you will be more efficient when cooking. It saves time and makes preparing meals easier and more organized. Also add some shelving to the space for food and flatware.

In a loft, it can be tough to feel private and sectioned off, but make sure you have an area where you can sleep in peace. Make sure you can cover the lighting from the rest of the loft where you are sleeping. If there are windows in the loft, block the incoming light when you are trying to sleep. Curtains can work just as well as walls and can save you a great deal of money when trying to assemble an entire space all at once.

A living space is another important part of where you live. Put this space as far from the bedroom as possible so it is easy to sleep without being disturbed. Even though it can be tough to control the noise in a loft, it is important that everyone feel comfortable no matter what they are trying to accomplish. Place comfortable furniture, end tables, and entertainment options in the living space. Set up the television so there is no glare from any of the windows in the loft and if you feel more comfortable, section off the living area with curtains or walls like you have done for the other spaces.

If necessary, create a workspace in your loft. This can be as simple as adding a desk to a corner with a lamp and seating. If you work from home, you will need to ensure there are no distractions in your work space. This can be a touch challenge in an open loft, but it is possible. If you live alone, distractions are less of a concern and you can leave your work space open to the rest of the loft, creating a feeling of space.

Stewart Wrighter recently sent his son to college so he bought a couple of small bathroom storage units for his dorm room. His wife ordered a medicine cabinet without mirror for her daughter’s new apartment.

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