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Things You Need to Know Before You Purchase a Bunk Bed

November 6th, 2010

There are many factors to consider when purchasing new furniture, especially if it’s for your children. When purchasing a bunk bed for children, always be mindful of the safety precautions and and ensure that they will both enjoy and be comfortable in it. Here are additional tips that you should know before buying a bunk bed.

Consider the floor space and ceiling height of the bedroom

Bunk beds save space and are optimal for small rooms. This type of bed also has numerous benefits for large rooms. In both cases it is important to consider the size of the room the bunk bed will be in before choosing one to buy. Measure the floor space and ceiling height of your child’s room. To protect your children from hitting their heads, provide a couple of feet of distance between the upper bunk and the ceiling. There are several variations of the bunk bed, and knowing your floor space will help you get an idea of what type and size of bed the room can accommodate.

Choose which sort of bunk bed you’re interested in

Bunk beds can be of different types that incorporates different looks, styles and features. There are several versions of basic bunk beds including those with two twin-sized beds and those with a twin on top and a full bed on the bottom. Your choice primarily depends on what you like and need. Some factors to consider include how old your child is and how big he is, how many children will occupy the room, and if extra beds are required for possible visitors.

Determine which added options and arrangements you require

Many bunk beds are equipped with built-in drawers, desks, and a host of other features. Some bunk beds even have fun configurations like tents and slides. All the available features may seem tempting, but they also might defeat the main purpose of bunk beds which is to efficiently use floor space. Therefore, it is important that you have an idea of what special features you want the bed to have. You should definitely get input from your child about the type of bed that suits his or her requirements.

Decide what type of material and color you want the bed to have

Bunk beds also come in different materials, from metal to wood, and in different shades. Some of the nice looking bunk beds are made of glossy metal and some others are made of dark wood. When it comes to choosing the color or material, the decision is strictly based on your personal preference. You might take some time to think about the room where the bed will actually be located so you will be able to coordinate the bed with the room’s style of decoration. You might want to get your kid’s ideas on what they prefer.

Bunk beds are classic pieces of furniture. Its many variations and features give it a versatile and functional edge to match different tastes and needs.

If you would like to learn more about various types and configurations of bunk beds, please go to this website http://www.bunkbedsnow.com.

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