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Vintage Bar Stools: Stepping Back In Time

November 12th, 2010

Bar stools are a great tool to use within your home in various areas, not just at the bar. For example, they work well when placed next to a counter top island. They also work well if you have a tall table and need a few chairs to place around it. If you are hoping to create a great look in your space, it is always a good idea to invest in stools that convey your message. Let’s assume that you want to create a space in your home that takes you back in time to the 50’s and 60’s, when people used to come in to Mom and Pop restaurants and sit on these stools as they ordered milkshakes and burgers.

Creating the Look

You have the great looking bar or counter top. You know what you want to put on the walls and how to get the lighting right. However, what about those bar stools? This is where you can really take the look of this space to the next level. The following tips will help you.

. If you plan to use color, you should go ahead and look for that color in the bar stools. For example, consider investing in stools that have a larger seat made of plastic and a back also made of plastic. The color is bright, such as a bright red. These chairs do not swivel, nor do the move around. They are simple and retro.

. Go without the back. This will save you money, too. Many of the discount bar stools on the market do give you a great look without the added cost because they have no back to them. They are simply a seat, with a lip up towards the back in some cases. These are the types of stools most commonly found in old pubs as well as soda shops. They make an easy addition to your space.

. Metal bar stools are another good option, but only if you get the look right. For a vintage look, choose basic metal features. Avoid coloring or designs on the metal itself. Choose a stool that has a leather seat on it and a simply designs back to it. Many of these stools had backs to them, but most were not ornate in their design.

Of course, the best way to complete the look of a vintage bar or seating area is to add other elements to the space that can help you to pull it off. Go with a checkered black and white floor. Be sure to use a big mirror, too. And, you will need all of the decorative bar items up around the space. You may want to pick a Coke a Cola plague or go with another retro fit.

As you work to create a vintage space, bar stools should be one of the tools you rely on to pull off this look. Go ahead and use metal bar stools or consider using wood for a more traditional feel. The good news is that you can find discount bar stools available that fit this look perfectly.

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