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How to Make Your Bedroom Cozy: From Karastan Area Rugs to Tibetan Tapestries

November 13th, 2010

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. You want to be able to head home after a long day of work and unwind. Here are some tips to make it everything you could desire.

1. Paint: Neutral tones are boring. Harsh colors make your room appear smaller. Ideally, you want an earth-based color, like taupe, green, beige, or yellow. Darker colors like lavender or even deep blue can help you fall asleep, while lighter greens and blues make your room look bigger.

2. Karastan area rugs: These rugs are of an excellent quality and are affordable enough to have more than one in your room. Match one of the karastan area rugs with your wall colors. When you place furniture over your karastan area rugs, it makes your room seem much warmer and cozier.

3. Wall Decor: You probably want to stay away from posters, unless they’re classy and framed. Retro movie posters are great collectibles and add good texture to your room. Pictures and photos of loved ones and friends are a great way to add a personal touch. Tapestries from eastern countries like Tibet and Nepal can provide your room with an alternative, more holistic paradigm. Who knows, maybe they can help you get closer to Enlightenment.

4. Curtains: Hopefully you have windows in your room, and if you don’t you should probably move. But with windows you need curtains, which add additional color and feeling to your room.

5. Bed: Throw pillows, new comforters, larger duvets, and a headboard can make your bed seem like a restful haven. Your sheets are also important. Egyptian cotton is a fine blend for sheets, but be careful of high thread counts – many are single-ply and have higher thread counts, but a double-ply, lower count will last longer and feel smoother. Then all you have to worry about is where to put the throw pillows when you want to sleep.

6. Shelves: Displaying your things can be a great way to remind yourself of your accomplishments. Just make sure not to put up anything that’s too old – no one cares about your soccer trophies from third grade.

7. Scents: Lavender is a sleep inducing scent and might be the best bedroom scent. Scented candles are a great way to make your bedroom more romantic or simply aromatic. Oil burners are another method – you can choose your favorite scent. Fall scents are especially inviting.

8. Lighting: Floor lamps can do a lot to make your room seem cozier. Yellow light is much better than white light, which is intimidatingly bright.

After updating these eight aspects of your room, you should feel dramatically cozier. All that’s left is to apply these ideas – like karastan area rugs and shelves – to the rest of your home. Good luck!

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