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Rose Bushes Care Requirements

November 14th, 2010

A lot of rose bush care has been developed over the years. And even though rose bushes are considered to be one of the most sought after of the flowering plants as they come in different varieties that produce flowers of unique shapes and colors. The great thing about roses is that they are not hard to care for and any grower expert or novice alike can easily grow them. All it requires is proper rose bush care information and implementation to have a thriving rose garden.

Here are simple guidelines in caring for rose bushes properly.

LIGHT: Choose a sunny location to plant your rose bushes in. It is ideal to plant them in an open area where they can get plenty of natural light exposure to reach their optimum growth. Rose bushes need approximately five hours of medium strength sunlight and about seven hours of filtered sunlight per day to thrive really well.

SOIL: They also need good soil to thrive in. They grow best when the soil moisture and temperature is consistent. You can always alter the soil in your garden with a little bit of compost. Apply a layer of organic mulch around the base of the plant about two inches away from the main rose cane. The organic mulch will slowly rot and add nutrients to the soil which the plant can use. Apply a second layer of organic mulch in mid-to-late summer if necessary.

AMPLE WATER: Watering requirements varies depending on conditions. But more or less, it is best to water rose bushes once a week preferably in the morning. Water them thoroughly. Make sure that the water runs through all the way down to the base of the plant and avoid getting the leaves wet as it may lead to powdery mildew, a very common disease among roses, establishing itself and harming the rose plants.

FERTILIZER: Fertilize rose bushes frequently during the growing season. They are hungry plants that demand lots of nutrients for optimum growth and flowering. For best results, use a slow-release organic rose food and work it into the soil so it can nourish the plant all season long. Otherwise, you’ll want to fertilize the rose bush with a liquid organic fertilizer every three to four weeks during the growing season (stop in early autumn) or as stated on the package instructions.

PEST CONTROL: Rose bushes are inclined to pest problems such as rose midge larva, rose cane borer, Japanese beetles, stem girders, aphids, rose slugs, mites, caterpillars, scale insects, and rose chafers. So to sustain a fairly pest free environment for your rose bushes it is crucial to carry out preventative treatment which includes planting companion plants. When a plant is infected with a pest, it is vital to remove the entire affected leaves to prevent the spreading of the pest. You can use synthetic or natural pesticides to cure pest problems, however, for best result, use an organic natural pesticide. You will spare the life of ladybugs and wasps which are good bugs, the soil organisms that support your roses and the rose bush itself will be a lot stronger in the long run under an organic regime.

DEADHEADING: Deadheading your blooms after they wilt creates room for a new bud to flower, which will keep your rose bushes vigorous and vibrant throughout the season. Pruning also eliminates rose bushes’ dead twigs and other unwanted growth that will only slow down your rose bushes’ flowering and growth.

With proper rose bush care, blooms can sprout around the first week of June (in the northern hemisphere), allowing the plant to continue blooming until the first frost become visible. Thus, turn your rose bushes into a perfect bush, providing an abundance of roses that will beautify your yard or garden and adorn your home.

For MORE useful and helpful tips on proper care for rose bushes visit http://www.bushrosegarden.com where you can get free access to an educational e-course on successful rose care and gardening that will guide and help you in growing healthy, vigorously thriving roses for a long time.

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