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Christmas Decorating With A Touch Of The Past

November 15th, 2010

When it gets to be the holiday season, many people start thinking about all those Christmases of our childhood and all the great memories we have of those times. It also gets us thinking about new experiences we could have and that starts to build up the anticipation and excitement. While new things are great, a lot of the things we do at Christmas are from hundreds of years of tradition that mean so much to many. So, carrying on those great Christmas traditions means keeping it light, simple and festive throughout the season. And Christmas decorations are one of the most traditional things we do.

Most people think that decorating for Christmas is as simple as putting up the tree, tossing a few lights and baubles on it, sticking a star on top and saying “Done!” These “instant” trees are the reason most have that attitude, when you can simple pull it out of the box and voila, it’s ready to go. Just that quick, you can be finished with all your Christmas decorating.

A true traditionalist would be horrified. Not only is that the barest minimum you’ll do for Christmas decorating, it isn’t even an honest job of it. Traditional decorations start with the tree, but will encompass a wide variety of other things including poinsettia plants and Christmas wreaths made from a wide variety of tree branches, pine cones and shrubs. Decorating with wreathes adds a whole layer of detail to a room or a theme and traditionalists have to have them.

Wreaths can be used in different ways and can come in a variety of sizes. To show how festive the Christmas season can be, the larger wreaths are hung on doors and are usually very elaborate. Smaller wreaths are used as wall décor in group areas like the living room and dining room. You can put candles inside smaller ones that have been laid on tables making them the focal point. To emphasize the larger, more detailed centerpiece, smaller wreaths can be used as complimentary end pieces on your dining room or coffee table.

Traditionalists will find all the historic reasons to use all of the different decorations. Whether it’s the reason for the garland on the Christmas tree, or the meanings for all the different wreath makings, traditionalists bring forward everything they can. As much as they love to carry on the great Christmas traditions with their decorations, isn’t there a time we all appreciate those great Christmases from the past?

Christmas wreaths
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