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How Technology Effects Home Decor

November 16th, 2010

When designing a home, you are probably all too well aware of the role technology plays. You may want to create a relaxing bedroom space, but your husband insists a television must be present. You would love a family room that focuses on family, but everyone else just wants to stare at the TV. Television is not the only technology that affects home decor, and in many cases, the effect is a good one. It can be tough to accept technology’s role in the home sometimes, but if you embrace it, you may find it does a lot of good for the ambiance of your rooms. For instance, it used to be you just placed photographs on table tops and they sat there. Now, with an LED picture light, art light or picture frame lighting, you can highlight your favorite photos. You can even choose frames that show several pictures by flipping between them like a slide show. What was once boring is now an exciting way to personalize your home.

While the television may seem like your enemy, there are ways to incorporate it into decor without it having a major impact. Flat screen televisions can hand from the wall like a price of art. Instead of taking up space as a bulky furniture piece, as it did in the past, now it is unobtrusive, but still just as entertaining. The screen is the important part, so if you can get a large screen, but a relatively small overall size, you will have reached a compromise that makes everyone happy.

Household appliances have come a long way in both their efficiency and their style. Washing machines and clothes dryers are now designed so they could be construed as pieces of art. You can choose brightly colored appliances that suit your overall decor and not worry about having to deal with unsightly while metal throughout your entire home.

One of the major ways technology changes the ambiance of a home is through security. If you are able to secure your space, you will feel more confident investing in nicer items. Knowing that your investments are protected gives you piece of mind and a desire to create comfortable, high-end surroundings. Technology can help you protect your home, its furnishings, and the people inside of it.

Finally, technology will change your home in subtle ways. If you collect art of any kind, you will notice it change over the years as it adapts to and accepts new technologies. It may be the methods artists use for creating the art or the message of advancement may be reflected in the art. Whichever the case, it will be easy to see how the changing world of technology has altered the art in your home. Look around at what you have and if it seems outdated, this may be why. The next time you are looking for home decor, consider new alternatives with a modern feeling that reflects technological advancements and our changing society. As you update your art, you will soon realize how much technology played a role in the updated style of your home.

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