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6 Bathroom Renovation Tips for More Style and Convenience

November 18th, 2010

Many people take pleasure in the peaceful seclusion of a stylish and convenient bathroom by taking a nice warm bath, or relaxing in the bathtub, while listening to a waterproof iPod. If you are not happy with the way your current bathroom looks, then you might want to consider a remodel. With proper design and some thinking ahead, you can make the bathroom look bigger, bright, and more impressive overall. Be aware of these bathroom remodeling tips prior to launching your project:

Pick a style

This is what gives your bathroom the feeling that you are going for. You can choose from numerous styles, including traditional or contemporary, or you can simply redesign the bathroom to coordinate with the existing style of your home. Be sure you know what you want, for the style you choose is reflected in the walls and wallpaper you use, the design of the toilet and other plumbing fixtures, and even the decorations you’ve chosen.

Determine what you can afford

When it comes to renovating, setting up a budget is essential. Don’t break the bank by remodeling. It’s easy to go over budget when remodeling an entire room. Carefully determine what you’ll really need for the renovation project and calculate a budget for the entire operation. The money you set aside should take care of decorations, fixtures, appliances, tools, and contractor fees if you choose to hire a contractor.

Maximize your bathroom space

In the home, the bathroom is usually the tiniest room, and to make it appear larger, you do not have to actually expand it. You only need to experiment with colors to do the trick. Using colors that are light or neutral in a bathroom will give the illusion of added space. Lighter paint colors, including whites and pastels, should be used on walls, ceilings, doors and cabinets.

Enjoy the advances in bathroom amenities

Highly-advanced bathroom amenities can help to make your bathroom user friendly. Your bathroom experience can be much more pleasant and less inconvenient if you consider these new technologies. Some of these high-tech fixtures are motion sensor faucets, automatic soap dispensers, and even automatic flushers. In fact, these bathroom gadgets save water and help keep your bathroom clean. If you are one of the many music lovers who sing in the shower, why not install a media shower system that plays music from your iPod, and delivers the tunes through waterproof overhead speakers?

Lighting can make all the difference

Right lighting not only makes a room look spacious, but it also makes the mirror reflect what you really look like in natural light so, you don’t have to rely on the light coming through you bathroom window to get natural light. Full-spectrum lamps, non-glare bulbs, or other efficient sources of light should be put in place. In order to reduce electric bills during day time, you may install day light tubes those work by reflecting sun light in to your bathroom.

Hire a contractor

You need to determine first if you have the skills to do the remodeling project yourself. If you are not up to doing it yourself hiring a contractor has many advantages to consider. Things to look for in a good contractor: they should complete their work on time, take care of all details and guarantee customer satisfaction at the completion of the project. Contractors are the experts in this line of work, and it’s a their job to keep their customers happy.

Bathroom renovation is the second best home improvement you can make to improve the value of your home and gives you the opportunity for a luxurious private retreat.

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