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The Beauty of Natural Wood Kitchens

November 19th, 2010

Natural wood is incredibly beautiful and if properly looked after will last for many years. There are so many different woods used in furniture making that there is a vast array of type, colour and grain. Basically, wood comes from either soft or hardwood trees. Both have their advantages but hardwood is generally more popular due to its durability. Oak, mahogany, maple, beech, cherry and birch are just a few of the commonly used hardwoods. Pine, spruce and cedar are the most commonly used softwoods. All these woods have their characteristics and each has a beauty and style of its own.

When planning a wood kitchen, the wood you choose can have a dramatic effect on your kitchen and it would be wise to take into consideration the size of the kitchen and the lighting before making your final choice. For instance, a small but well lit kitchen could take a fairly strongly coloured wood and with fitted cupboards, a bit more space can be found to make the kitchen appear a little more spacious. The grain of the wood can also have a bearing and you may not care for a wood with little definition to the grain, you might prefer a strongly featured grain which gives the wood much more character. Don’t forget that your the wood you choose can be stained to the colour of your choice, so if you are particularly fond of the feel and grain of oak but want a deeper more enriched colour, this is easily possible.

Your natural wood kitchen can be whatever you want, much depends upon your taste and how you want your kitchen to look. Shaker style kitchens have been fashionable for a few years now and are relatively bare, however, a traditional Victorian style kitchen is very ornate. However you may have your own style which could be adapted for your kitchen so that you have the kitchen of your dreams. You will need to choose handles and knobs to your wooden cupboard doors which will compliment the style of your kitchen. How you dress the doors and drawers can make the difference between a spectacular kitchen and an ordinary one, so take a little time to see how the finished product might look before making a decision. Take care to think about how your cupboards will be used and what for before choosing the sizes. Also think about how you want to display any ornaments or kitchen gadgets. You might need more substantial worktops so do ask your supplier how robust the wooden worktops are and if you have particular requirements, do make these known beforehand so that if you need a stronger worktop you can have this supplied.

Natural wood is beautiful, robust and durable. It usually matures well and you can be certain that with a natural wood kitchen, by looking after it well will make it last a very long time and it will retain all its beauty. With so much choice, you will be able to choose a natural wood kitchen that is both functional and complimentary to your home.

There is nothing more beautiful than natural wood kitchens and Graham Baylis appreciates high quality furniture. He has dealt with Conquest Fitted Furniture for a number of years and looks forward to continuing to do so.

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