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How To Create A Great Recreation Room In Your Home

November 19th, 2010

If you want a space where your family can gather, have fun, and enjoy time together, you should create a great recreation space everyone can share. The space should reflect the spirit of your family and it should be comfortable for everyone. You can set ground rules about what activities can happen in the space or you can just let everyone be themselves and enjoy it. When designing the space, it is important to consider how it will be used and how frequently you will be entertaining more than just your family. If you are making the space personal, you can do this with art and accessories. If everyone in your family loves a particular sports team, make that the theme of the room. Highlight the themed art with picture lights that attract attention to the theme. You can also use a picture light over a family photo and incorporate that into your decor.

Once the decor and theme of the room is set, bring in a big television. While some people may want to eliminate a TV from the family space, their desire will probably be met with quite a bit of resistance from family members. Instead of fighting about it and trying to get things perfect, let them have their way with the TV but set limits. If you are all gathered together enjoying a sporting event or television show, you are still spending time together. Just make sure everyone is interacting and that the time spent watching any program is still quality time together.

Next, plan to play some games of your own in your recreation room. Consider adding a pool table or ping- pong table that will really get the kids excited. If there is no space for that, put together an area that is comfortable for playing board or card games. Take suggestions from family members for what games to play and how to enjoy your time together. The goal is to have fun and play games, so it really does not matter what games people choose, as long as everyone is having a good time.

Be sure there is plenty comfortable seating in the space. Nothing is worse than being forced to spend time in a stuffy, formal room, so make sure everyone can kick back and relax. Provide everyone with the ability to put their feet up, get warm and cozy, and settle in for a few hours of quality time together. Let rules that may apply to other rooms in your home go and allow people to enjoy popcorn and soda in the family space.

Finally, make the space even more comfortable and convenient for entertaining by tricking it out with a refrigerator, microwave, or bar. Creating a mini-kitchen in the recreation room is a great way to get people into the space and hanging out. If you plan to entertain beyond your immediate family, this is a great way to create a party room that everyone will enjoy. In no time at all, you will have the most popular recreation room in the neighborhood.

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