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6 Essential Facts About Hardwood Everyone Should Know

November 28th, 2010

It is classified under the angiosperm category

Hardwood trees lose their leaves and become dormant in the winter in contrast to softwood trees that keep their leaves year round, such as holly trees and pine trees. Some hardwood trees include oak, silver birch, beech and ash. Hardwoods are referred to as Angiosperms while Softwoods are considered Gymnosperms.

Hardwood is characterized by its trademark pores

The composition of hardwoods is more complex than softwoods. The main distinctive feature of hardwood is its pores or vessels that are varied in terms of size, cell wall structure and the shape of the perforation plates.

The many kinds of hardwood trees give hardwood a wide range of characteristics

Hardwood is produced from a number of different trees. Among them are oak, cherry, ash, maple, poplar and birch. Hardwoods come in a variety of colors and textures thanks to the fact that they are harvested from a wide array of trees. The weight of hardwood depends on the source wood – ironwood and mahogany are quite dense while the balsa tree produces light, flexible wood.

There are many different uses for this

Since hardwood lasts a long time and it is very easy to take care of, a lot of homeowners prefer to have this type of floor in their homes. Hardwood is additionally useful when creating furniture, toys, and sculpted art, as well as alternative wooden projects. Some hardwoods are also used for constructing homes and boats.

It is aesthetically pleasing and incredibly functional

Hardwood is not only eminently practical, it is so aesthetically pleasing to the eye that it can compliment the design of any room. True, hardwood is aesthetically pleasing, but it is also prized for its durability, resilience and because it is extremely long-lasting. Because hardwood flooring is so durable, historic homes often still have their original hardwood floors. Hardwoods can retain heat and help to insulate a room during chilly weather, and are simple to maintain and clean.

There are significant differences between hardwood and hardwood veneer

Solid hardwood flooring and furniture are constructed by combining individual pieces of pure hardwood. Otherwise, hardwood veneer is created by putting a thin layer of hardwood on top of a different kind of wood. Hardwood veneers are both less expensive and somewhat similar to hardwood, but they arenâ€t nearly as durable.

The unique characteristics of hardwood and the benefits it has to offer make it worth considering whether as a furniture application or as flooring for the home.

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