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How To Add Great Accents To A Room

November 30th, 2010

If you feel like any of the rooms in your home are boring, you are likely to avoid that space. Over time it may become the junk catching room in your home where you toss all your unwanted item. To avoid having this happen, take time to decorate each room in your home in a manner that is warm and inviting. This way you will be drawn to the pace and you will want to spend time in the area. There are lots of ways to make a space feel more inviting. Start by creating a mood with lighting. By adding lamp supplies and lamp parts, you can alter the ambiance in a space. If you want to use a room for crafts or cooking, be sure the lighting is bright. If you plan to relax and unwind in the room, give it a calming, romantic feeling with soft lighting.

Next, consider the color of a space. Color affects the mood of a room, so if you want to feel a certain way when you enter a space, you can use the color in the space to make this happen. Rooms that are blue or green in tone have a relaxing feel that helps you calm down and feel tired. Reds and oranges are passionate colors and help you feel active and vibrant. Purple makes you feel creative and yellow helps boost your mood with its bright, sunny hue. Remember you can alter the color of a room with more than just paint, so use accessories to create a well-balanced space.

Consider adding some unique furnishings to your space to make it feel your own. This does not mean to go out and buy the strangest, most unusual thing you can find, unless that suits your personality. Be sure the room is a reflection of the style of you and your family. Furnishings should be comfortable and in a style that complements the rest of the house and your personal taste. If this means mixing together different pieces for an eclectic look that pleases everyone, than do that.

Art is another way to make a big impact in a space. Rooms can be personalized with handmade items that reflect the style and tastes of everyone in the family. Do not assume that the rules for buying and displaying art must apply to everyone. If you want to fill a room with family photos or sports memorabilia as your art, than do so. Whatever makes you and your family feel good should be what is in the room.

Finally, be sure the room appeals to all of your senses. Smell is a very important factor when it comes to wanting to spend time in a place, so do all you can to keep the room smelling fresh and inviting. This means keeping it clean, but may also involve using incense or candles to create a rich, enticing aroma. Be sure the fragrance does not interfere with cooking, so if you are choosing a scent for the kitchen, opt for freshly baked bread or clean lemon. The rest of your house is fair game for anything and you can add the scent of flowers, clean laundry, musk, or perfume to every room in your house.

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