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Choosing a Reputable Contractor for Sash Window Installation

December 1st, 2010

Finding a great deal on sash wooden windows is just one part of the story. The next step for you would be to search for a reputable contractor that does a great job in installing the sash wooden windows. Even though it’s quite hard to find a reliable, trustworthy, and efficient contractor nowadays, it doesn’t mean that it is unachievable. Below, you will find practical information on how to do just that.

Ask around Still the best way to get referrals would be through word of mouth. Go around and ask family and friends if they know anyone who can do an excellent job installing sash windows. This is a good way of finding a contractor because the contractor’s skills and performance would have already been tested by someone you know and trust. Do not just ask for names and contact information. Interview your relative or friend about the experience, background, and skills of the contractor. Ask him/her to rate the performance of the contractor and how much he/she was satisfied by it.

Start online The Internet is another good place to start. Search on Google and Yahoo by typing the search phrase, “sash window installer”. This would yield millions of results. To narrow down your search, add your location. When you browse through the sites, take note of the about me section where you will get to know more about the work experience of the contractor and the companies he has worked for before.

Look for one who can give a detailed estimate A reputable contractor will go to your house to formulate a detailed estimate. Do not limit your choice to one contractor. Have another one give you an estimate so you can compare prices to find out if any of them, is overpricing. Of course, do not overlook factors such as quality of materials and equipment to be used. Even if one contractor charges a little more than the other but can assure better quality then he is the guy that you are looking for.

Expect great service Right from the moment you start communicating with the contractor, you should expect no less of great service. A good contractor would be able to explain to you all the necessary aspects of sash window installation in such a way that you would understand it even if you aree not savvy about these things. He/she should be punctual for meetings, should be a perfectionist when it comes to his/her job, should respect your wishes and preferences, and should have a good reputation so that his service would be worth the money you will pay for.

Get in touch with former clients It’s also a smart move to get references and to get in touch with the former clients. This way, you can find out if the contractor has been plagued with complaints for poor service or has been constantly applauded for stellar service. If it’s the latter, then you know that you are heading towards the right decision.

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