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Sash Window Basics That You Should Know About

December 2nd, 2010

Are you planning to build a home and cannot decide what window to get? Or perhaps you already have a home and think of replacing a broken window? Whatever is your present circumstance that involves windows, you would want to know more sash windows so you will be ready and informed when you go out to buy your new windows.

What is a Sash Window?

A sash window refers to the framed part of the window where the glass sheets are attached to be held in place. It may also refer to the window part that moves whenever the window is closed or opened.

Types of Window the Use Sash

This is typically used in double-hung window style wherein one of the two sashes is positioned in the lower part and the other in the upper part. The lower part can be slid vertically until it becomes parallel with the sash on the upper part. Sometimes, window sash can be used a term for any window that moves like on a casement window.

Sash Windows and Home Styles

Sash windows are often seen in houses that have the Victorian and Georgian style. Often the type of sash windows that are found here have the three panes across by two up on each of the both sashes to give a six over six panel window. Of course, this is not a standard rule. You will also see this type of window in houses with Edwardian style, that were built in England. Window sash in these houses typically comprise of upper and slower sashes that slide vertically. This is the kind of window sash that provides the most ventilation.

How is it Made?

Sash wooden windows are usually made of softwood. Each unit is made to be single glazed but you can also have it double glazed if you want. Single glazed windows are often replaced with top-hung casements if the double glazing is to be fitted. Sometimes, top-hung double glazed windows are made to make it seem as if there are sashes.

Worthy Advantages of Sash Windows

Using sash windows has many advantages. For one, they give aesthetic quality to any window. It can make any window look more elegant and sophisticated. Also, it helps people abide by laws especially those that concern older houses and structures. Sash windows also make it possible to clean all the sides of the glass, even when inside the building. This can be done by sliding the two panels to different positions. Moreover, sash windows provide efficient ventilation. They can provide efficient cooling of the interior especially during warm seasons. You can this by opening both the top and bottom of the window at equal levels to allow the warm air to escape through the top opening and cold air to enter inside the room through the bottom opening.

Some Problems of Sash Windows

Of course just like anything in this world, this type of window also has some disadvantages such as possibility of rotting, swelling or becoming distorted due to the wooden material, rattling sounds during windy conditions, and problems caused by poor paint application. Good thing all these problems can be resolved by taking special care of the window and ensuring that you hire skillful contractors to install window sash.

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