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Important Guidelines for Choosing the Right Carpet

December 3rd, 2010

It is not always that simple to pick a carpet because of all of the fabrics and styles. You want to select a carpet that not only is beautiful in the showroom, but also in your house too. You want to pick quality carpet that will last a long long time. If you follow the carpet buying tips in this article, you will find it a lot easier to get the perfect carpet for your home.

As you look at carpets, you have to make a variety of choices based on your needs, budget and preferences. You have to consider your budget, of course, but you also want to be sure that you are actually getting what you are paying for.

When you look at carpet samples, on the back there should be something called the carpet specification label. Among other things, this label tells you the pile density, the fabric its made of and if any special treatments were used on the carpet. This is a simple way to determine if the carpet you’re considering is a good value or not. You may, however, find that some carpet stores do not have these labels on the samples, which is a bad sign. When the store is trying to hide the facts about their carpets, it’s a good idea to walk out and find another seller. Carpets come in many qualities, so make sure you know what your carpet is made of and all the other crucial facts about it.

You must be sure to consider how your carpet is to be used and in which part of the house before you make a choice. No two carpets are the same. You will want different carpet for the entry way than you will for the formal living areas. It is imperative to your health (and anyone else living with you) that you consider everyone’s sensitivities or allergies before you pick a carpet. You can find carpet approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute for allergy issues.

Don’t give those dishonest scam artists your business and go somewhere you can trust not to rip you off. It is of course always best to use a reputable seller but there are a few things you can try to prevent being scammed. One precaution that you can take is to save the sample you got when you chose your carpet and have it ready when the carpet arrives at your home. Keep the installers at bay until you have verified that the carpet they deliver is exactly the same as what you purchased. Watch for these tactics, most people don’t notice when a dishonest merchant makes a change like this.

The carpet in your room will be one of its most important features, so give it plenty of thought. You have to set a budget for your carpet and then decide what style, color and fabric you prefer. The above guidelines should help you make the right choice when shopping for a carpet.

Nathan Jones has been writing articles for many years and is interested in a variety of subjects including home improvement, health, fitness and travel. His latest project involves building a shed in his backyard and he has created a website at http://www.professionalshedplans.com to provide others with plans for sheds and shed building information based on his experiences.

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