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How to Decorate Your Daughter’s Bedroom

December 5th, 2010

When a little girl is asked if she wants a bedroom makeover, her face lights up as she imagines her room transforming into this wonderful, magical place. Visions of everything from her favorite color to the beautiful bedding to all the wonderful pillows and fun accessories that will be just for her will fill her head.

Keep in mind that there are no limitations on her imagination. But this doesn’t have to be a battle of wills. You simply need to know a few simple rules.

First, include your child in the “design” process. Not only will this get her excited about making her own choices, but it will also teach her about compromise and staying within a budget. You do have a budget, don’t you? It also makes for some great quality time.

So where do you start? The best place to start with any design, is to think about how the room is used. A bedroom isn’t just for sleeping. It’s also a place for your child to play, to explore her creativity, to read, to dream, and to have her friends over, right? All these activities should be considered in the overall planning.

Next, you’ll need to do a little detective work. Ask her about her ideas for the room. What are her favorite colors? What is she most excited about? She may not have a clue about what she wants or she may surprise you with a very specific plan. Gather whatever information you can so that you can do some research on your own before you present her with some choices.

Now that you’re armed with all this information, check out magazines, stores, and the Internet for ideas on furniture, lamps, and bedding. Make a list of possibilities so that your child will have some choices. Spend time going over what you’ve found with your child to get her reaction. She may love what you picked out. But then again, she may not.

Take the time to find out why she doesn’t like something. It may be the wrong color, she doesn’t like flowery designs, or maybe the style is not right. Offer only a small number of choices at a time to keep from being overwhelmed, and try to compromise on some things that may not be your taste. After all, this is her bedroom, but it shouldn’t be so wacky that it keeps you up at night or causes you to have an anxiety attack whenever you enter her room.

Many times, kids have very specific ideas about what they want. Some like bold and colorful. Some like sweet and feminine. Others want to be different from their friends and will want something a little unusual.

Just remember to include your child in the planning, ask questions to get a better understanding of what she wants, present her with choices, and be firm (and flexible!) if you need to make compromises. Most of all, embrace those things that are special about your daughter and let her personality shine through.

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