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Modular Homes Fit So Many Uses

December 8th, 2010

Anyone who has bought their own house at some time in the past will have bought only what they could afford at that time. It stands to reason that when the family begins to get larger, space may be at a premium and it may be time to consider moving to a larger place. However, there is also an answer in factory homes where prefabricated buildings are on offer which can be built on the same compound. In fact, green modular homes give extra space where it is needed but without damaging the environment.

There may be many reasons why people need some extra space of course, some being that extra bedrooms are needed for when visitors come to stay. Or it may be that the children are now too old to be sharing rooms so finding a new building where perhaps teenagers can get away from the parents is a good idea. Indeed, this is a great way to get teenagers to learn how to be independent but still be under the protection of their parents at the same time.

We all know how noisy teenagers can be as well so this is a good time to let them freak out as they want but be within reach of the parents who can dampen them down a bit if things get out of hand.

Putting up one of these places at another venue is also a good way to have a retreat for those times when life is becoming a little over worked. Indeed, this is also a good time to consider renting it out when the family is not in residence. Not only does this create another revenue stream, it also provides some good security for the place when people are around all the time.

But the old folks at home can also make good use of this extra space too. Many people who have worked for a number of years will want to maybe write a book or do some research on their favorite hobby. These places are great for small libraries or for banks of computers so that more than one person can do some research but this would also be a great area for the kids to get on with their homework too. Lining the walls with maps and pictures of venues around the world will surely get their minds thinking on foreign climes and what they can do to help the environment at a very young age.

Finally, although these are complete buildings, they do come in such a form that they can be erected even by the amateur do-it-yourself expert. A screwdriver and an inquiring mind is all it takes as long as the foundations have already been set in. Making sure that the piping work is in place for any extra additions, like a hot tub or whirlpool bath etc is very important in the planning stage so letting the manufacturer know this up front is very important. Getting in a contractor may also be an idea if the additional pipe work is a little complicated.

Stewart Wrighter has noticed an increase of factory homes because of the extra need with the economic times of today. He and his wife are interested in green modular homes because they are cost efficient as well as environmentally-friendly

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