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The Pros And Cons of Different Types of Windows

December 10th, 2010

Are you replacing the windows in your home? There are many types of windows available today. The new windows are energy and cost efficient. They may be more expensive to purchase but will save you money in the long run. Using new energy efficient windows can save on your power and heat bill as well as add value to your home.

There are many different styles of windows to choose from: the new modern windows will swing open for easy cleaning. The new double-hung window is when both panels will slide up and down.

Double hung windows are very common, they are known as timber sash windows which consist of glass panels in a wood frame. The older models use a rope pulley and the new models use a spring balance. Double hung means that both windows will slide up and down.

Tilt Windows will swing open for easy cleaning. They are the same as the double hung windows except for them swing open or tilt.

Sliding windows are timber sash windows also. Instead of sliding up and down this window slides from side to side. One or sometimes both windows can slide. The tracks actually are perforated so water will not stand in them.

Bay and Bow windows are windows that stick out from the house; there are usually two smaller side windows that open and a large window in the middle that does not open.

A casement window. This type of window cranks open and has a screen on the inside. The hinges are along the side of the window.

Awning window is also opened by a crank. This window has a hinge along the top and the bottom of the window tilts out.

“Jalousie” window looks like a venetian blind and is operated by a crank. The windows are very narrow and open outward.

There is a new style known as a sash window. This window will add value to your home. The window can open either vertically or horizontally. The sash window is a very durable strong window that will last a lifetime. This window can withhold in any type of weather.

When you are replacing your windows, check the window frame for mold, mildew and rotting wood. It might be a good idea to replace the window frame with a new modern frame as well. But if your frame is in good shape there will be no need to change it.

Find a window installer to install your new windows to make sure they are level and in tight to prevent any gaps in the frame. With the new model windows you will save money instead of throwing it out the window.

I am a DIY freelance writer and I cover the construction industry. I specialize in writing about construction companies that stand out in quality workmanship and taking care of the customer in today’s market. Whether it begins with a Naperville siding or a Naperville roofing project I know firsthand that a great construction experience must begin with a great independent contractor.

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