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Interior Design: The Process Of Transforming

December 13th, 2010

Copyright © 2010 Christine McVeigh

Successful interior design means understanding the principles of space, light, colour and texture and then applying them to your rooms to create your home, where you eat, sleep, relax and entertain.

It is the use of these four elements; space, light, colour and texture that alter a room into something special.

Interior design is more than selecting a home decorating magazine and choosing an interior design style you like or can afford.

The process of transforming an interior is immensely rewarding and the effects are far reaching. A home that is comfortable and relaxing and that caters to all our needs contributes to our quality of life.

Design today is about the environment we create around us and the way we live our lives. It is no longer enough to create an isolated beautiful effect that you look at but never feel a part of.

It is easy to decide that you would like the walls painted blue but it is not until you have considered all the issue around use and comfort and how spaces will flow from one area to the next that you can make the right decisions about flooring, wall coverings, window treatments, upholstery, furniture, lighting and accessories.

It is tempting to move to selecting paints, fabrics, curtains and accessories but the first rule of interior decorating is to be patient.

Before buying anything look closely at your home beyond the existing decoration and furniture and assess the quality and amount of space and light, the essential structure of the walls, floors and architectural features.

The space at your disposal must be your first consideration, deciding how you want to use the space and whether everything you want it to be is practical. How much natural light your space receives is crucial to making decisions, not only about additional lighting that might be needed but about wall colour, flooring or wall paper. Light affects the mood and style you would like to create.

Transforming a home requires careful planning and budgeting as well as hiring and coordination of professionals such as builders, plumbers and electricians.

Today we want or need individual rooms to fulfill more than one role such a living room that includes a work area. Even so a successful room should make you feel relaxed no matter what the theme or design. It is your home – your sanctuary to head for after a busy day, where you will feel rested the moment you walk through the door.

You know your interior design efforts are successful when your home captures great design and at the same time makes you, your family and guests feel tranquil and comfortable.

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