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Modern And Stylish Laminate Benchtops

December 13th, 2010

Laminate may inspire thoughts of gaudy yellows and bright greens from the 70’s style kitchens your grandparents may have had but fear not, today laminate is available in a great range of styles and colors to suit any taste. With the kitchen being the focal point in most homes your benchtop is bound to be one of the first things people notice. A benchtop can either give a kitchen beauty and lift to compliment the style or bring it down so it’s vital you get the right advice. Laminate looks good and compared to materials such as granite and stainless steel offers real affordability.

What is laminate and what are the benefits?

As mentioned, laminate is cost effective so won’t burn through your budget like granite and other stone materials can, if you are looking to install as much of your kitchen yourself as you can in order to save money then the bonus of laminate is it’s easy to install as it weighs considerably less than other materials used for bench tops. If you were hoping to have a granite or timber bench top don’t be disheartened, due to the vast range of colors and styles available you can have the look of a stone or timber bench if you wish to have this look for your kitchens.

It is important that you know what material your bench top is made of so that you are also aware of what you are getting. Computer technology is used to create a fine laminate material that is adhered to MDF or particleboard with the help of waterproof and heat resistant glue; they are then bonded together by way of high pressure. High-pressure laminate will be stain- and scratch-resistant, giving you not only easy to clean surfaces but also a long-lasting investment.

On the topic of cleaning and preserving your bench top, the option of no joins will create an easier job of cleaning as it will be seamless and will not collect food debris, likewise if you choose post formed laminate this will eliminate joins between the sides and top of your bench top reducing the risk of peeling laminate. Some laminate care tips include not putting of hot pans onto the bench top no matter which material it is made of and using a cutting board when cutting food.

When you have made the choice to use laminate then choosing the right consultant for kitchen design will guide you to making your kitchen and ultimately your home look spectacular and you will be impressed at just how modern and attractive a laminate bench top can be.

The right advice on kitchen design Brisbane will help you select the right style and color of laminate benchtop. Craftbuilt Kitchens Brisbane http://www.craftbuilt.com.au/ can offer the best assistance in designing the right kind of kitchen just for you.

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