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Enhance The Beauty Of Your Painting With Special Lighting

December 18th, 2010

There is more to lighting than just light. As all the actors would tell you, good lighting would always bring out the best in your face and features. Similarly, a good picture frame lights would definitely add to the beauty of this art form as would art lighting. There are many ways to highlight the best features of your artwork so besides attracting admiring glances; you would be able to also attract interested buyers.

1. On the frame lighting — this type of lighting is mounted unobtrusively on the frame and is manipulated to suffuse the painting with a soft and glowing light definitely enhancing the beauty of the picture framed and bringing its essence to the forefront. This type of lighting usually helps when the frames are wide and of the best quality for such lighting fixture requires both space and base strength.

2. Battery powered lighting — one of the favorite picks for most art showrooms for this does not need any type of wires and hence it is easy to mount and use while adding the best nuances to your painting or picture. This is also a superb choice for travelling artists.

3. Picture lights — these types of lights are mostly used in homes and in art halls or museums. This usually has the light fall right on the picture on one hand displaying it vividly to all the guests who circulate in the room, and on the other hand highlighting the beauty of picture in a most direct and upfront manner.

4. Direct wire picture lights — found most commonly in hotels, galleries and restaurants, this type of lights give the impression that you are a connoisseur of art. This could also be used in homes as well for it brings elegance about it no matter where it is used.

5. Focus lights — these light have a light source thrown specially on the picture while the rest of the room is darker. This type of light is mostly used in museums where the sole role of the picture is to be admired by the visitor. This takes the attention from everything else in the room and has it focused exclusively on the picture. In most cases, such lighting can cause a dramatic change in the attractiveness of the painting.

As you can see, illumination of any type is a great way to enhance the beauty of any picture. If you are holding an exhibition where you are planning to display and sell your paintings, this is a great way to invite attention, highlight the best features and keep the attention to the beauty of the painting or picture.

Most people who use lighting correctly add taste and elegance to the room when the painting in a home and improve its value manifold when it is displayed in an exhibition. This is especially effective when the author of the picture or photograph is a novice; a prop like this steers the interest of the viewer away from the author to the picture itself.

Stewart Wrighter is an entrepreneur who runs a large group of websites that specialize in high end items such as picture frame lights. He has a large selection of art lighting.

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