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Solid Wood Kitchens: 5 Reasons To Choose Real Wood Units

December 21st, 2010

There’s something special about solid wooden kitchen furniture, a beauty, versatility and connection with the environment that ‘off the peg’ laminate furniture can’t equal. Here are five areas where custom-made fitted solid wood furniture scores for beautiful kitchens and bedroom furniture:

1. Appearance – nothing’s quite like solid wood kitchen cabinets
2. Product quality, installation and service
3. Suitability for many different finishes
4. Durability and reparability
5. Perceived value

1. Appearance Whatever the finish, real wooden kitchen furniture has a unique beauty, character and ambiance that other materials struggle to match. Maybe it’s the variety of available woods and finishes, the involvement of a traditional craft, or simply the way wood reflects light so beautifully? Whatever the reason, investing in custom-made, fitted furniture can be key to a perfect atmosphere in your kitchen, bedrooms and other rooms. And because each custom-made kitchen or bedroom is designed and installed to fit your room and requirements, you can be sure it will be perfect for your needs and lifestyle.

2. Product quality, installation and service custom made wooden units may cost you more, but, when quality matters, it’s worth paying for enhanced beauty and quality for the years to come. What’s more, you can expect good suppliers and installers to provide a quality of service and after-sales care that you are unlikely to find with cheaper furniture.

3. Solid wood kitchen cabinets are perfect for different finishes Wood offers lots of ways to express your taste and style. Unlike laminated furniture, it lends itself to staining, painting and varnishing; and of course, the unique character of a beautifully bespoke painted wooden cabinet simply can’t be duplicated with other cheaper materials.

4. Durability Cabinets from carefully chosen woods also withstand chipping and every day wear and tear better than laminates. Whether for kitchens, or wooden bedroom furniture, it’s an important consideration in heavily-used rooms. What’s more, wood’s character grows with time and use – whereas laminate just becomes tired and shabby. And when the passing years decree change, solid wood is so much easier to refinish than many other materials.

5. Perceived value As well as the universal appeal of beautiful handmade kitchens, there’s also the attraction of a natural material that can be stripped down, sanded and refinished to suit a new owner’s preferences – and spare them the cost of a new kitchen. Both factors can add appeal to a property when it’s time to sell, as well as boosting prospective purchasers’ vital first impressions.

It’s the same for solid wood bedroom furniture too, and elsewhere in any stylish property. Wood’s appeal extends throughout the home in the form of bespoke kitchens, stunning fitted bedroom furniture and versatile fitted storage in other rooms. – anywhere, in fact, that you want to enjoy its natural beauty, practicality and durability.

There can be few ways to add such character to your home than with the beauty and natural qualities of fitted wooden furniture. From solid wood kitchen cabinets to beautiful bedrooms, rest assured that wherever you make this investment, the timeless elegance and enduring appeal of wood is sure to give you years of pleasure.

Natural wood kitchens can look truly stunning and beautiful to touch. Like many Graham Baylis appreciates high quality furniture and has dealt with Conquest Fitted Furniture for a number of years now. Besides kitchens, Conquest also fits solid wood bedroom furniture. See their website for details

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