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Things You Should Know About Window Blinds And Shutters

December 21st, 2010

Modern homes today have shunned using curtains in favor of window blinds and shutters. While curtains certainly haven’t lost their appeal to people, for many of them it’s all about finding the time to do it in their busy schedules. It’s all about convenience these days.

Do window blinds and shutters function the same way as curtains?

Essentially, both of them are used to cover and adorn windows. But there’s another function that window blinds offer which most curtains can’t. It’s called sun protection. Centuries ago, it would be a crazy idea not to let the sunshine in on your living room but nowadays too much ultraviolet rays make you a candidate for cancer. Because of technology, most window blinds and shutters are designed to filter out harmful sunlight. Curtains can keep the light out especially those made from thick fabrics but as scientists are fond of saying, UV Rays can penetrate even them.

Are there any other functions for window blinds and shutters?

Surprisingly, shutters and window blinds offer more than adornment and keeping out harmful UV rays. They also let people inside look out the window without raising them up as what would one do with curtains. This gives individuals the chance to see outside without them being seen; it’s a good way to detect unwanted visitors.

Are they more expensive than curtains?

There are expensive kinds of curtains that can rival window blinds and shutters in terms of design and quality but when it comes to function, they definitely lag behind. It’s why despite being costly, with installations and all, people still value what they can get for their money.

What makes them better than curtains?

In this day and age of practicality and wise spending, window blinds and shutters have far more to offer than curtains. First, curtains are more maintenance heavy compared to blinds; they need to be taken down to be washed. You can clean blinds even while they’re hanging from the window.

Second, there are more kinds of window blinds and shutters compared curtains. There are wooden blinds, metal shutters, and basically any kind of material that can be used to create them. Curtains may change in style and design but it will always be made from fabric.

There are professional installers of window blinds and shutters who can do the job pretty well but there are some designs that can be installed by customers on their own. At the end of the day, it all boils down to preference about what kind of window covering should be used. But if you take into account everything window blinds and shutters has to offer, then you’ll surely realize that it’s the only way to go.

One call you should always make when doing a remodel is to a flooring company. Even though you may not be doing your flooring systems, you can also find great shuuter and blind deals for the latest styles and colors. Also you may want to try a carpet store for more deals on all your home improvement needs.

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