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Add Style To Your Home With Roman Blinds

December 23rd, 2010

Your home is your castle and its important to protect it from things like ultraviolet rays. These rays can cause fading in carpets and furniture. With a 50+UPF rating, roman blinds are perfect for making sure your home is protected from the elements. With the climate constantly changing, the more you need to choose wisely with protecting your home. They make an elegant addition to any home with their classic beauty, as well as coming in a large range of colors, styles and patterns. With the wide range available you will have no problem picking out colors to match your decor.

Roman blinds are made with translucent and block out finishes which offer a 50+ UPF Rating which is a massive reduction in the amount of ultraviolet rays entering your home. Ultraviolet rays can cause large amounts of fading in your furniture and carpets over time, so its best to protect them in the best way possible. Shutters protect your home from these ultraviolet rays while still lending light to your home. Roman blinds can also be produced in a wide range of other curtain fabrics which allows you a wider choice to match you home decor. They are easy to keep clean and free of dust. They are a charming, cost effective way to decorate your windows. They are also great for keeping out the dust on windy days. In our ever changing harsh climate, it’s best to get the best protection for our homes to keep out the heat and ultraviolet rays which can lead to fading of our furniture and carpets.

Roman blinds have a hard board top and work on a pull string mechanism; in some cases you may be able to have a motorized system for opening and closing your roman blinds. They fold into sections when lifted and fold up neatly. You can have the blinds made with block out, material which are good particularly for bedroom areas where the dark is required for sleep or you can have them translucent, which allows the sun to filter gentle light into the room. Roman blinds are a great way to decorate your home in pure elegance and style. They will add a brilliant dressing to any windows and give your home a definite boost in attitude. Roman blinds are a must have for any home.

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