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Five Useful Tools For Cleaning Hardwood Flooring

December 23rd, 2010

Besides being attractive, hardwood flooring is renowned for being sturdy and long-lasting. Many older houses will still have their wood floors intact. Though wood floors are tough, they are not indestructible. You should know what things you will need for cleaning your hardwood flooring.

Vacuum cleaner

Never allow dirt and dust into your room because they make the room look untidy and will damage your hardwood floors. In addition, if these foreign particles are not removed they can become caked onto the floor surface and also harder to remove later on. Vacuum cleaners provide homeowners with an easy way of removing dust and other debris. Most vacuum cleaners are large and upright; but there are some that are hand held tools which can easily maneuver over tight spaces. Be sure that you pick a vacuum model that is suitable for the size of your hardwood floor. Some also have attachments that are made especially for vacuuming delicate hardwood floors.

A broom with soft bristles

A broom with soft bristles can do the same job as a vacuum. Use it to get the filth off any hardwood surface. Don’t just pick the first broom you find; different brooms have different kinds of bristles and some of them are abrasive and may even damage your floor.

Dust mop

A 12 to 18 inch removable head is the best type of dust mop for your floor. Dust mops are useful for dusting the floor regularly and removing traces of dirt. They can also be used for cleaning spills immediately. Any liquid spills must be cleaned immediately to avoid causing a stain that can even result in the warping of the wooden floor. Also there are cleaning formula products specifically created to be used with a dust mop.

Floor buffer

Another useful tool for cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors is a floor buffer. Wooden floors are cleaned and protected by floor buffers. These products are great at cleaning the floors without scratching them and leave a high gloss finish behind which makes your floors look close to brand new. Like dust mops, there are also cleaning agents that can be used together with a floor buffer. These liquid cleansers are typically sprayed on the area of the floor that needs to be cleaned. They make the cleaning process go quicker and more efficiently.

Dust cloth

Stains on hardwood floors looks bad , and if they are left to sit over time, they could become stubborn and harder to remove. You should use a dust cloth and apply a stain removing agent over the stained area, if mopping is not enough. The dust cloth should be soft so that it doesn’t scratch the floor. Micro-fiber cloths generally work well for the delicate surface of hardwood floors.

For preventing damage and to ensure longevity, cleaning and maintaining hardwood floor with the right tools is important.

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