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Create Romance With A Remodeled Bedroom

December 26th, 2010

Couples often find that the stress of daily life, work, and caring for children weighs heavily on their relationship. Whether they lack the time to spend with one another or their moods are often strained and confrontational. All that may be needed to solve this relationship crisis is some quality time alone with one another. However, it is common for couples to lack the time and space for such a reconnection. Renovating the bedroom is a practical, affordable solution for creating an intimate space that will help you reconnect. Your first step for creating a romantic bedroom space is to eliminate any problems. Contact pest control to remove bed bugs and any other insect problems in the home. Make sure the space is not drafty and that it is safe and sound. Once you have created a space that is safe, sound, and clean, you can begin making it comfortable and attractive.

One of the toughest, but most rewarding changes to make in the bedroom is to remove the television and computer. Some couples enjoy watching television before bedtime, but this time could be spent doing something together and talking about your day. If you are unwilling to part with the bedtime television habit, you can eliminate computer work in your sleeping space. This is not only beneficial for your relationship; it will help you sleep better. Leave your workday behind and eliminate the everyday stress you allow into the bedroom. Typical aspects of your day that cause stress like financial issues and problems with children should be left at the bedroom door.

In addition to leaving problems at the bedroom door, be sure your kids stop there too. Some families enjoy gathering the entire family together in one room to watch television, play games, and share stories, but this should not be the adult bedroom. This space should be a respite from everyday life and a place where couples feel comfortable with sharing and intimacy. Keep children and their toys and games at bay, making the master bedroom a grown-ups only space.

Once you have set ground rules for the bedroom, you can begin making it attractive and comfortable. Invest in high-quality bedding, a comfortable mattress, and alternate seating that is cozy and warm. This space should be relaxing and serene, helping you calm down and focus on your spouse. It is worth spending a bit more on the furnishings and accessories in the space since it is supposed to be an indulgent area.

Finally, if you are going to put effort and money into creating a great bedroom space, be sure you make time to spend in it. Instead of crashing into the room in the dwindling hours of the night just to fall asleep immediately, head off to the bedroom a little earlier once or twice a week. You can also schedule time on Saturday or Sunday mornings to hang to hang out and enjoy the space. Provide the children with activities that will keep them busy for a few hours, whip up some pancakes, grab the morning paper or a great book, and cozy up for a few hours enjoying relaxation and the company of your spouse.

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