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Four Handy Cleaning Products That Really Work On Your Hardwood Floors

December 29th, 2010

One of the most valuable attributes to a home is hardwood floors. These floors can preserve its classic and stylish look for many years if maintained properly and constant hardwood floor refinishing Troy is followed. A number of different products are available to clean hardwood flooring. You can either use commercial cleaners or create one with ingredients found from common household items. An important point to remember is to know the type of cleaning products suited for your hardwood floor. Below are some hardwood cleaning products:

Oil-based soap

Removing the dirt and grime off your sealed and finished hardwood floors is now easier with oil soaps. Oil soap will not leave any greasy residue after application. You can also use oil soaps or other vegetable soap to make a watered-down solution which you can use to maintain your hardwood floor. However, make sure that you do not apply excess moisture because water can damage wooden floors and cause them to warp. You can opt for a spray bottle so that you can control the amount of the mixture that you apply to the floor.

Cleaning products specifically for wood flooring

Homeowners prefer wood floor cleaners because they are easy and convenient to use. When these are used to clean a floor surface, they take away the dirt and grime but leave no residue at all. Additionally, they are also available in most supermarkets and convenience stores. Before using one of the many floor cleaner brands on the market, you should always read the labels to make sure they are appropriate for your floors. There are cleaners that are wonderful on sealed wooden floors. Not all wood floor cleaners, however, are applicable for hardwood floors that may be oiled, waxed or unfinished.

Use white vinegar

White vinegar can be considered a universal cleaning agent and deodorizer. Vinegars do not contain toxic chemicals nor put your family at risk because it is all-natural. White vinegar is not only an effective cleaner; it can also decrease by up to 90% of mold. Simply use water to dilute white vinegar, and follow a ratio of 2 gallons of cold water for every cup of the white vinegar, to use it as a cleaning agent.

Mixture of white vinegar and vegetable oil

You can make a natural polishing agent for hardwood floors by combining white vinegar with vegetable oil. With a spray bottle, mix equal parts of the two liquids; you may also use a bucket in mixing the two if you prefer to use a mop in applying it to the floor.

Before misting or applying the vinegar and vegetable oil mixture, ensure that the floor is free from dust. Use a cotton towel to rub the mixture into the wooden surface. It is advisable to work small floor areas at a time, and make sure that no solution is left sitting on the floor for a long time.

To keep your hardwood floor looking great and to help it last for a long time, it is wise to purchase and utilize the correct products to care for it.

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