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Tips For Finding A Qualified Home Contractor

December 30th, 2010

As soon as you decide to make upgrades or renovations to your home, you will realize how many home contractors there are on the market. The choices can be overwhelming, so you need a sure-fire strategy for narrowing things down and making the choice that is right for your family and your home. The good news for homeowners is there are many resources in place that will help you make the right decision and create a living space that is more efficient, safer and more aesthetically pleasing. The first thing you should do is figure out exactly what you need for your particular improvements. Depending on what you are renovating, you may need to choose experts in several fields. For instance, a bathroom renovation may seem straight forward, but you will actually need to hire an electrical contractor for electrical services, a plumber and someone capable of installing your tub, tiling and any other cosmetic upgrades you choose.

Once you know everything you need, begin your search. You can use the Internet to narrow down the original pool of choices. If contractors have received consistently poor reviews online, chances are there are better choices for you. You can also learn a lot about prices online, so you will already know what companies are out of your price range. However, it might be a good idea to call one of these companies if you like what you see otherwise. They may be willing to work with you on your project for a fee you can afford.

Before finalizing your list of potential candidates, speak with friends, families and co-workers who have had similar projects completed in their homes. Homeowners are usually more than willing to share their experiences with you and let you know if they were pleased with their work. They are just as likely to let you know if a project took too long or if the people they hired were unprofessional. Polling the people you trust is often the best way to make your decision because the information will be skewed in favor of helping and supporting you.

Next, conduct your own research. You have a list of potential option in front of you, so look to places like the better business bureau for information. Schedule interviews with each of your options to see what they have to say about your project. During your interview, ask about their experience with projects like yours, get an estimate on time and cost and get a feel for how they work. They should be able to outline the time it will take to complete the project and give you and idea of what the workdays will be like in your home.

Finally, no matter how much you like someone, be sure they are qualified. You may hit it off on a personal level with someone, but if they have no experience with your particular project, you may want to look elsewhere. Often this is the case when you receive a referral from a friend or co-worker. You may enjoy spending time with the person, but the relationship needs to be on a professional level until the work is completed.

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