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How To Bring Color Into Your Family’s Recreation Room

December 31st, 2010

A home’s family room or recreation room should be the heart of the home. Aside from the kitchen, it may be the room in which your family spends the most time. If you are not a cooking at home family, you may even spend more time in the recreation space than any other room. This is why it is so important to keep the space feeling comfortable and bright. The happier the space feels before your family enters, the easier it will be to feel great when using the room. There are a lot of ways to add color to the space and all of them are easy and affordable. First, determine what colors you want in the space. Some people prefer deep hues that make the space feel warm and cozy. Others prefer light, bright colors that will energize everyone when in the space. Regardless of the colors you choose, you can bring in the color in a variety of ways. Start by adding colorful accessories. Look to unexpected areas like the piano bench cushions or piano stool for brightening things up. Little bursts of color in unexpected places will do a lot for a space.

Adding color in a big way means putting it on the walls. Painting is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to alter the color in a space, but it will make a big difference. Many recreation rooms are in the basement, which means you might be dealing with reduced natural light. If this is the case, you can lighten the space with lighter colors. If you have a large space, you can make it feel more controllable by using deeper hues. This does not have to make a space feel heavy and dark. You can use deep hues to create a feeling of warmth, which works well in a drafty, cold basement space.

Changing the flooring in a space is a bold way to bring in color and make it feel totally different. Not only will flooring change the color, it will alter the texture of a space. If you are dealing with the concrete walls of a basement or you have old-fashioned wood paneling that you are not ready to tear out, you can alter the feeling of the room with the flooring. Even the most outdated space can be modernized with fresh, new carpeting. Best of all, you can add as little or as much color as you choose with area rugs that can be changed on the regular basis.

Your furniture makes a big statement in a space without being a permanent commitment. You can move furniture around and chance the colors without a lot of effort. You may not even need to buy new furniture to change the color. Refinishing wood in different colors or swapping out sofa pillows seasonally are bold ways to make colorful changes.

Lighting is a great way to make a color change. You can install different watt bulbs or change bulbs to colorful lighting for a completely different effect. Brightening a space is easy if you install a bright light bulb that opens up an area and illuminates the other colorful items you have in the room.

Stewart Wrighter researched purchasing some piano bench cushions for his piano. His wife recently ordered a piano stool to use in her music room at the local college.

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