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How To Decorate The Exterior Of Your Home For The Holidays

January 1st, 2011

If it seems like the holidays have taken over the interior of your home, but the outdoors seem lackluster and dull, maybe you need do a little decorating outside. Outdoor decorating is a challenge because of the weather, but also because people have a tendency to either overdo it or not do enough to make their efforts noticeable. The worse thing than a yard filled with holiday characters and dripping with lights; is a yard with a single tree and one strand of low-hung lights. If you want to do it up outside this year, consider a few of the following options. First, do not focus your outdoor decorating on just one part of the exterior, spread the decorations out and take them all the way to your vinyl fencing. You can put lights on your home as well as your vinyl fence to make your yard look festive for the holiday season.

Homeowners who are worried about their decorations looking too garish or overwhelming can use white lights instead of color. Those who want a more festive feel and who live under no homeowner association rules can use lights of multiple colors. The trick to making things look their best is to be consistent and no mix strands of white lights with strands of multi-colors. Pick a theme and stick to it so the decorations look well thought-out and not thrown together haphazardly.

The theme should also extend beyond the lights. Consider the style of your home and let that guide you. If you live in a modern structure in a newer neighborhood, simple white lighting will highlight the style and shape of your home. If you have an old Victorian style home, you can go all out with old-fashioned outdoor decor. Consider using reds and greens and accent the exterior with bows and garlands that can be enjoyed during the day when the lights are not visible. If your home lacks any particular style, choose your decor based on your personal taste and make it consistent throughout the decorating. You can even incorporate themes that celebrate your favorite sports team or simple choose your favorite color.

When decorating the exterior of your house, do not forget the door. People who ignore the outside often hang a wreath on the door and call it a day. However, if you are caught up in hanging lights and stringing garland, you may forget the door. It is important to welcome holiday guests with a wreath or pine bough that adds fragrance and color to the door.

Finally, be sure whatever you do is safe. Do not overfill the electrical outlets and do not use lights that heat up if they are going to be touching trees or your home. Make sure cords are in good condition and also make sure everything is properly installed so nobody is tripping over strings and cords. Most of all, use good safety when completing the decorating. Have an assistant and if you feel the climb on the ladder is too high, skip lighting that area.

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