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The Use Of Wood In The Home

January 1st, 2011

Wood is a substance that is used for building and can often be found in the home environment. Wood is hard and durable which is why many choose it to use in their homes. The only drawback to using wood is that if it is not taken care of, then it can become infected with termites. If this happens, then one should call an exterminating company and one of the many exterminators will come over to fix the problem.

Not only is wood often used to build the frame of a house, but it is also used inside the house as well such as doors, base boards, and the trim. Many people choose to paint these things while other people choose to coat them in a layer of stain. When wood has been treated with stain, it keeps its natural color for the most part. Sometimes stain makes wood slightly darker than its original color. There are many different things that can be done with wood on the inside of a home. One could even put up wooden paneling in one room or the whole house. Hardwood floors are also popular although they tend to be more expensive. Hardwood floors come made from all different type of wood and one can choose if they want thin or thick boards and what they want the length to be.

Wood is also uses to build porches. There are all different styles of porches. Some are raised, some are multiple levels, and others are covered or screened in. Because porches are outside, they need special care for their upkeep. Every few years, porches need to be treated with waterproof sealant to protect the wood from decay. Wood is often used to build tree houses or play sets for children. These can be constructed in trees or can be free-standing. Children must be careful not to get splinters when they play on these creations.

Roofing can be done with many different materials but wood is one of the most durable choices. Shingles are smallish squares that are placed on a roof to slightly overlap each other. It causes the rain water to flow off of the roof and into the gutters. Wood shingles need to be coated in a sealant often to avoid rot and infestation. If one does not treat their wooden roofing properly, then they might wake up one day to find a hole in their ceiling that drips stagnant water.

The most common use for wood around the house is for furniture. Beds are made out of wood and can be very beautiful with intricate carvings. Dressers are also made out of wood and that is where people store their clothes. Dressers can come in all different sizes with all different drawers. Some people prefer lots of small drawers while other like fewer bigger drawers. Chairs and dining room tables are also made out of wood. Bookshelves, cabinets, and wardrobes are also popular wooden structures. Whatever wood is used for around the house, it can be carved, painted or stained to the liking of the owner.

Stewart Wrighter has often called on the expertise of a Memphis exterminating company to treat his large office facility. He scheduled to have Memphis exterminators to install barriers around his house to get rid of termites.

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