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Highlighting The Treasured Pieces In Your Home

January 3rd, 2011

While your home may be filled with utilitarian items, kid’s toys and the usual things we need for living, you may also have a few special items. These are the things you put on display or share with others because you have an emotional attachment to the item. You want these things to stand out and even if you never have people visit your home, you want to enjoy the items on the daily basis. Just looking at them may bring you joy, so it is important to accent them and help them catch your attention when you enter a room. Whether these are family photos, mementos from vacations or items that have been passed down through your family does not matter. The important thing is to find stylish ways to display them in your home so you can enjoy them. Start by displaying them with illumination. Piano lights are a great way to draw attention to an item and a piano light does not take up that much space or cost that much money.

Another way to highlight an item is with color. If you have a neutral room filled with shades of brown and tan and you want something special to really pop, sit it on a table covered with a colorful cloth. You can also, paint behind it in a bright color or put it in a brightly colored frame. The important thing to remember when using this technique with color is that you want the accent color to complement the item. If you are displaying an Asian vase in shades of red and black, do not put it up against a purple and orange paisley cloth. Sometimes white is the simplest way to make a colorful heirloom or photo pop.

Next, be sure the space around the item is clean. If you display something on a table filled with junk mail, kid’s toys and other paraphernalia, it is not going to stand out at all. Most people will see it and just assume it is part of the junk. Worst of all, you will not feel good when looking at it because you will only notice the mess around it. Make sure the area around your item is tidy and organized.

While you are at it, you can make the entire room sparse. If you really want to make something stand out, put it in a room with little else. Art galleries do this all the time with special pieces. Walk around an art gallery and you will quickly notice the art jumps out, whether painting or sculpture, because art is the only thing in the space. While clearing a room as much as an art gallery room would be clear is impractical, you can apply the same idea and work on keeping the display room clear of unnecessary clutter so the focus is on your treasured item.

Finally, make sure the space is secure. While this does little to highlight the item, it will protect it. The last thing you want is to hang a treasured photo or painting on the wall only to have it fall down. You also do not want to sit valuable items on tables that can crash to the floor when weight is applied to it.

Stewart Wrighter has purchased a piano light online at a discount for his church.

His wife ordered a couple piano lights online to use in her music room at the local college.

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