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Advantages Of Growing Miniature Roses

January 5th, 2011

If you feel that you would like to try growing roses but are not sure if they are really for you then go for growing miniature roses. They may look fragile but they are not. In fact they are stronger than the big roses and are much easier to care for in colder climates. So what are the advantages of growing miniature roses as opposed to their bigger relatives? Let’s touch upon their versatility, size, needs and beauty.

Miniature roses come in many different colors and sizes. The mini rose flowers can be as small as not even 2 centimetres across to larger ones that reach a diameter of 5 centimetres. Miniature rose varieties are comprised of shrubs, that can be as small as 12 centimetres tall, as well as ramblers and climbers which can reach 4 meters in height. But even these taller miniature climbing roses take up a lot less room than the ordinary sized ones.

Growing miniature roses in a courtyard or on a deck in pots is a nice way to use them. Or how about a hedge, some are very much suited to that, or a screen. As they make exquisite bouquets it is a good idea to grow a complimentary array of colors just for those special occasions. Mini roses lend themselves to many more situations just let your creativity take over.

What most people new to growing miniature roses find surprising is that these dainty little roses are hardier than the big roses. For one they are less likely to being damaged by high winds due to their compactness. As usually miniatures are not grafted and therefore grow on their own root system no unwelcome rootstock shoots will be presenting themselves. However, the main advantage here is that the non grafted miniatures are able to withstand frost much better as there is no frost prone graft.

General rose care applies in the same manner to miniature roses as to ordinary sized roses. The requirements are the same. They need watering, fertilizing regularly as they flower continuously and pruning. Regular roses need more pruning than miniatures which is good to know if you are trying to fit rose gardening into a busy schedule.

You can even grow miniatures as your main roses where space is limited. They will not disappoint you, in fact they are just as good as their bigger family. Try growing miniature roses indoors, yes it is possible if you know what to do, but they are a true treasure to have in your garden. So do go ahead and start growing your own miniature roses soon.

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