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Even Pianos Need An Overcoat To Protect It

January 5th, 2011

Whenever anyone has a lovely keyboard instrument, they usually take care of it like it was a baby. Indeed, some of these instruments are passed down through families for generations and no one would like to think it was them who damaged the machine at all. With this in mind, there are several companies out there who make grand piano covers to order or from stock which should fit the instrument like a glove. A grand piano cover will not only keep out the dust, it will also stop the sun from damaging the wood which could prove to be disastrous in the long run.

The sun looks lovely shining in through big windows and sending wonderful glints of color on the very old wood. But what it is really doing is fading out the color and drying out the wood which could make the instrument go wrong very quickly. Indeed, these instruments are made with precision but no one thinks about the drying out of joints that once fitted so tightly. Once the wood has dried out, it shrinks back and this could make the whole thing collapse in time.

Also, dust and debris from the surrounding atmosphere is enough to make the whole thing sound bad too so it is wise to keep the thing covered when not in use. Even central heating or air conditioning will do something to the finish particularly if the air supple is near the instrument. Hairline cracks and fading is bound to happen once this magnificent instrument is exposed to the atmosphere.

Even children and animals will do their worst when seeing this instrument for the first time. How many times have we seen cats jumping along the keys or dogs jumping up to make noise with their paws on the keys? Although this may look funny to begin with, the effects of this kind of treatment will show itself before too long and sometimes the damage is irreparable.

One of the easiest ways to stop all this from happening is to make some kind of wrap for it which should keep out the worst of the weather, the dust, and all the sticky fingers which just cannot resist touching those lovely ivory keys. It also stops small fingers from being crushed when the lid comes down! Indeed, some of these wraps are in stock for the standard size instruments, but for those who have something unusual, or who want something totally different from everyone else, they can have on custom-made. Even the stool that goes along with it can have a wrap too and it gives the whole thing a very well matched look.

Making a pattern for this could not be any easier since all it takes is some sheets of newspaper, some sticky tape and a felt pen to draw out the shape of the top. Once this is done, measure the depth of the instrument and send it all off to those clever people who will make a coat to be proud of.

Stewart Wrighter has purchased a couple of grand piano covers online at a discount for his church. His wife recently ordered a custom-made grand piano cover online which was beautiful.

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