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Implementing Feng Shui Into Kitchens

January 6th, 2011

More and more people nowadays are trying to implement feng shui into their homes in accordance with the Chinese style of arranging things in order to create harmony. Of course, the creation of harmony and peace within the home is not the only reason people are taking to this, as feng shui is also a great way to simply create beautifully arranged, practical and quite often much more affordable kitchens. The main reason feng shui is thought to be so popular with those looking to remodel their kitchens is due to the fact that the kitchen is the most active room of the house. A lot of family and friends gather in their kitchens and therefore, feel that it should be tastefully decorated and always at its best.

Many people believe that the art of feng shui simply means to add more items to their kitchens such as plants and other similar things. However, according to many resources on this ancient Chinese tradition simply increasing the quality of what is already there is by far enough to create peace and harmony in the home. Apparently, one of the best ways in which to initially implement feng shui into the home is to ensure that all worktops are clear of any clutter and easily accessible. The only items on the worktop in kitchens should be the ones that are used very regularly and do not get in the way at all. The above is classed as the organisational side to feng shui and is great as it is so cheap and easy to do!

For the types of people that really want to go all out with their kitchens and feng shui implementation, it is, according to the Chinese people, always best to take into consideration the type of cabinetry in the kitchen. The majority of new fitted kitchens will have metal or other synthetic materials in use, all feng shui kitchens should use more natural materials that have been around for years, and preferably rounded edges. There are also many other suggestions as to how exactly a person should lay out their kitchen. For example, there are certain places running water should go and even ideas as to where doors should be built when starting from scratch.

Whether it is all out feng shui to create peace and harmony or simply organisational feng shui to remove the clutter and start afresh, many companies will cater for this when installing fitted kitchens and a lot of people can even do this themselves.

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