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Prehung Doors-Hinge and Knob Hardware

January 9th, 2011

When prehung doors are ordered, the homeowner needs to choose which finish they want on the hardware. Because (here’s a big tip), the salesperson may not ask you and the hinges are usually a default color, which is brass. If you want a different color hinge, then tell the door supplier when you order. This applies only to prehung doors since slabs do not come with a hinge installed. The door and knob hardware may be the last thing on your mind at this point, but it is good to know that a decision should be made when the doors are ordered.

The finishes commonly available for knobs and hinges are brass: (polished or dull), brushed chrome, nickel, bronze and antique brass. There are, however, all sorts of finishes available like black or glass. These would be a special order.

The color of your doorknobs should be in the same tone as your hinges. However, you don’t need to necessarily have an exact match-in color and finish. For instance, polished brass doorknobs go well with dull brass hinges. This combination coordinates the color, but allows the hinges to appear less prominent than the knobs. For most doors, hinges should not be a focal point of the door and need to blend in, rather than stand out. For a standard door height, then the standard hinges are typically simple.

Fancier and larger hinges are available to complement tall, stylish doors. Some doors are tall and heavy enough to require a bigger hinge and/or more of them. Picture an 8 ft tall, heavy mahogany wood, like you might see in a lawyer’s office. That type of door will have at least 3, maybe 4, hinges and big ones too! Fancy, shiny hinges would look perfectly fitting on a door of this type.

Some tips about door and knob hardware:

• Lever handles may be easier to use than knobs for people who have difficulty grasping or using their hands.

• On double doors that are not passage (only open from one side), there is a nifty piece of hardware called a “ball or roller catch”. It is hidden at the top and keeps the door closed. This way, you can use any knob or pull since they do not have to actually function.

• If you want the hinges to match the knobs perfectly, you will need to make this selection at the door supplier. If the knobs (with other hardware), are chosen later in your house building or remodeling process, then it may be a different manufacturer than the hinges. For prehung doors, the hinges come installed on the door.

• When the doors are ordered, most homeowners have not even considered the hardware for their house yet. You may not be at that point in the construction process. Give some thought to the finish of the other fixtures in your house: plumbing faucets and lighting. You probably want them to match with your interior doors.

If you do have to swap out the hinges on your prehung doors, it is not THAT big of a deal. During a house building or remodeling project, it all adds up in terms of cost, however, so as the homeowner, think about hardware before you order your interior, prehung doors.

Info for a homeowner to have a successful remodeling or house building at BuilderInYourPocket.com . A buying guide is a big help for selections-Complete Guide to Buying Interior Doors.
Free resources about doors, managing your project and money, the emotional roller coaster and more. Julie Groth is a builder and remodeler.

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