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Decorative Window Film: The Easy Way To Enhance Your Windows

January 12th, 2011

Over the years, decorative window films have gathered bigger popularity among budget-conscious homeowners who are always looking for practical ways to liven up their homes. This highly useful diy window treatment is cost-effective, versatile, easy to install and remove. Unlike conventional glass, window films cost only a fraction of the traditional glass and they are easy to use without calling for a professional. At the same time, window films are eco-friendly home improvements since they’re durable and encourage homeowners to not replace their glass windows and doors when renovating their homes. These and other benefits that decorative window film can put up make it a popular choice among many American homeowners.

With the varied choices of window films, those who are not well-informed about the product may not be sure which particular kind of window film to use on a particular room in the house. This short article will help elaborate the basic distinctions among the various kinds of decorative window films.

Frosted film – Uncomplicated yet neat, frosted design on windows is popular with many homeowners. These are beautiful, simple, and very understated— perfect for those who want to enhance their existing décor with radiant windows. Frosted window films normally hold finely-ground glass dust that gives the shimmer and beauty of the real frosted glass. The primary difference is that it is a lot less expensive than the real glass. It can also be applied to impart privacy by applying them on doors, windows, shower stalls, mirrors, and the like.

Stained glass window film – For those who wish to apply a bit more color, you might want to use window films that produce a stained glass effect. Stained glass designs impart color and special vibrance to any room. This type of window film spreads light in a colorful way and the stained glass design becomes accentuated, which adds a special feel to the general ambience. Moreover, these window films come in numerous designs and patterns that can match your existing design schemes.Finally, stained glass window films are not just used in the home but can also be applied to decorate windows and doors found in commercial places, offices, or places of worship.

Etched glass window film – This is the type of decorative window film for those who want to add art and make a statement through glass design. The etched glass effect is an ideal accent to already elaborately designed doors and windows. Rather than cover the entire glass surface, you might want to try placing accent pieces on the corners or a continuous border pattern on the glass surface. In the same manner with frosted films, the ground glass dust in etched glass film imparts depth to the etched glass effect.

Privacy glass window film – If all you require is simple cover or deflect the sunlight instead of decorate with patterns or designs, privacy window films are what you need. These are also great for adding warmth into a room through the color of your chosen decorative film. At the same time, you get the complete privacy that this film can give.

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