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Picking Perfect Lights Gives The Room More Charm

January 13th, 2011

When a home is being redecorated, or when people move into a new place that they are not familiar with, it is customary to put a kind of stamp on the place to show that the family now resides here. Photos and other images will surely adorn the walls and the living room will probably be the center of the house for quite some time. When this is the case, it is a good idea to get the tone of the place looking right and this can be done quite easily with picture frame lights or art lighting which allows for some rather intimate looks while allowing people to see exactly what is being highlighted.

These rather innovative gadgets, once only used in grander homes where people wanted to show off their latest acquisitions, are now available to all and sundry. Because they are available in many different finishes, they suit just about any decor that is out there.

Homes these days have veered away from the rather over decorated places where rather fussy furniture was in situ. Rather, people are going for much sleeker looks since this fits in very well with modern living. To account for this trend, these gadgets are also available in sleek metallic finishes too and they look great clipped onto that favorite photo.

They are made from all kinds of brushed and polished metals and can either clip onto the frame or be screwed directly onto the wall with the photo and its frame hanging immediately below. The ‘goose neck’ stem means that the light shines directly onto where it is supposed to be and just picks out the interesting bits on the photo etc.

For those who have a more traditional taste, the more ornate versions are still available and some even come with battery operated facilities. This means that they never have to be wired into anything at all which makes them highly mobile. Indeed, some people use them at first until they find just the right place for the photo so that expensive electrical work is not done until the frame finds its home in the right place.

The battery operated sets are also a good idea for those times when presentations are to be made since they can just be put up as and when necessary. Some seminar venues are not blessed with electrical outlets just in the right place so this means that the place can be lit to perfection even if the hotel or venue is not adequately covered with plugs and sockets.

Finally, some people these days like the look of halogen bulbs since they give a very clear and bright illumination. This does not wash out color as the tungsten varieties tend to do and they usually last a lot longer as well.

It is obvious then that there is a gadget to suit just about any situation and every pocket since they do tend to come in several different finishes too. Once all the right places have been found for the photos, it is merely the case of wiring them in permanently for a much neater effect.

Stewart Wrighter is an entrepreneur who runs a large group of websites that specialize in high end items such as picture frame lights. He offers a large selection of art lighting online.

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