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Seamless Flooring For Home Or Business

January 13th, 2011

Decorative concrete makes a fantastic change to old, tired concrete. It is stain resistant, making it great for areas such as garages or driveways. It is also non slip, so makes a great safe flooring for wet areas. It also makes it a great choice in flooring for cafes, restaurants and other businesses that involve working in wet areas. It has a low maintenance, hard wearing surface and is a cost effective solution. It is easy to clean, just a sweep and a light mopping is all that is required.

It takes about four days to properly execute and complete the procedure for seamless flooring. The floor preparation is done on the first day. Repairing damage to the concrete and then applying primer coat is also a first day practice. On day two, the epoxy base coat and flake are then applied. On day three, a light sanding of the flake is done and then vacuumed, then the first coat of polyurethane is applied. On the fourth day, another coat of polyurethane is applied to finalize the process. Seamless flooring will add life and luster to your floors. It is hard-wearing and will not retain dirt and grime which makes it perfect for allergy sufferers. It is very easy to keep clean. Just a sweep and a light mop will already do the job. It is also a very low maintenance flooring system. Seamless flooring can be used in any setting, whether it is in business or at home. It is also a very versatile type of flooring. It can be used in different types of settings, may it be domestic, industrial or commercial. Its non slip surface makes it perfect for commercial and industrial use as well.

These epoxy flooring systems are UV stabilized and non-yellowing so will not get the yellow aged look that some coatings get, even after long periods in the sun. Using the epoxy flooring in garages is a great idea as it is stain resistant, making it even easier to clean up oil spills and other types of spills.

Concrete sealer has an excellent finish and will brighten up old, tired pathways and driveways. It is a fantastic way to brighten up dull concrete around the home as well. It will be a beautiful and gorgeous improvement to your home.

Epoxy flooring Brisbane is a great way to bring life back into old concrete. Having seamless flooring Brisbane applied to your slab will add beauty and it is easy to clean. Contact Flawless Flooring http://www.flawlessflooring.com.au/ now.

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