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Keeping The House In Good Order Increases Value

January 15th, 2011

The advent of house ownership brings with it the necessity to keep the place in good condition. The weather can have a wearing effect on the exterior of the place and some of the brickwork may need re pointing or replacing every now and then. There are those companies which specialize in this kind of work and they are found easily by looking on the internet to see which ones are in the vicinity. Try looking up masonry construction to get some idea of which ones can undertake this kind of work.

Most of us will know someone in the family circle who has had some kind of work done and this is a great way to get someone who has been tried and tested. Word of mouth is one of those important advertising tools which we all like since we do not make as many mistakes this way. Even if someone is new to an area, they can always ask the neighbors for some pointers as to where the best contractors can be found.

For those fresh to home ownership finding a company does have its pitfalls. Making sure that they have all the requisite skills and training is one of the first things that should be checked. Then, on top of this, make sure that they know about zoning rules and regulations and whether they have all the licenses necessary to run this kind of business.

Some unscrupulous ‘cowboy’ companies bank on the trusting nature of the householder. They often advertise around neighborhoods where there is a lot of elderly people living and they convince them that something needs to be done on the house. Once they get the money out of the person, they do a very haphazard job and disappear before any checks can be made on them. Indeed, this kind of behavior makes it very hard for those great companies, which take care of people perfectly, to build their reliable business up.

One such story came out about some pipe work which needed replacing in an older house. The welder did his bit and picked up his cash before disappearing. What he did not know is that a spark had gotten into the insulation material in the wall cavity. The resulting fire some days later practically destroyed the house and the inhabitants could have died from the smoke inhalation.

Accidents will always happen of course but trying to make sure that the contractors are qualified for the work that they undertake is probably the only thing that separates the good from the bad.

Keeping the house in good condition then is not as easy as it looks. With all the pitfalls of getting the wrong contractor, some who use shoddy materials, and making sure that they guarantee their work etc, the poor householder really has to stay alert and watchful whenever anyone is working on the house. The good thing though is that a house in great condition will always attract higher prices when it comes time to sell.

Stewart Wrighter recently viewed the work of a Seattle masonry construction expert to choose one for some masonry work he needs completed. He searched the term masonry construction Seattle in order to find an expert to complete some work he has on his home.

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