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Keeping Houses In Shape Saves Money In The Long Run

January 15th, 2011

We all have that dream to own our own homes and most of us will probably end up seeing the dream come true. However, what most people do not consider is the work that goes into keeping the place safe and habitable for anyone who lives in the home. Fireplaces which need constant attention or brickwork which gets a little jaded are just two of the regular maintenance jobs which need to be done so finding a great building company is absolutely necessary. Try looking for ‘masonry contractor’ or ‘chimney repair’ online to see which ones are available locally.

One of the most important things that anyone should be concerned about is whether the house is water tight or not. The weather has a nasty habit of making cracks along cement and bricks which can let water into the fabric of the building. Although this may not seem too serious, waterlogged beams and structures in the roof, for example, can really undermine the safety of the structure. Where there is heat present as well, fungus has the perfect atmosphere to grow unabated and it is the spores from these growths which cause a house to become ‘sick’. That is, not a safe environment for anyone who has trouble with their lungs or the very young and very old. Even pets suffer if there are too many spores in the air so some detective work may be necessary to check out those hidden corners.

A good contractor will go over the house with a fine tooth comb, so to speak, and will look for corners which are chipped, cracked or damaged pointing on the brickwork and anything that just does not look right. The areas around fire stacks are particularly vulnerable to cracks since they are constantly being heated from within while having to withstand the cold from outside. This constant fluctuation in temperatures must cause some damage eventually particularly if the weather patterns in the area are also very wet or windy too.

When it is time to choose the right company, try looking up their websites, if they have one, and look at the kind of guarantees that they provide. If they have certificates to prove that they can undertake specialist jobs, do a little research and check out if this is a bona fide claim. Also, look at all the testimonials on site to see what others are saying about them.

It is very obvious that these websites will not put on any bad testimonials of course, but just seeing the general comments may give a clue as to how they treat their clients. Other than this, ask friends and family members who they used when they had similar work done. This will probably give a truer picture than anything since word of mouth is one of the best marketing tricks of the trade.

Finally, it may also be wise to get a maintenance contract with the same company so that they can come out once a year to see how the house is holding up. Any damage is spotted early and the work will be done before anything untoward happens.

Stewart Wrighter recently searched the term masonry contractor Seattle to choose one for a remodel he and his wife are working on. He viewed the work of a chimney repair Seattle expert to choose one for some masonry work he needs completed.

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