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How To Create Romantic Ambiance In Your Home

January 16th, 2011

Every couple experiences lulls in the romantic side of their relationship. While it is normal to get caught up in everyday life and forget to focus on one another, it is important to not let this phase drag on too long. If it feels as if it has been forever since you connected with your partner and you are looking for ways to rekindle the old feeling of romance and attraction, there are plenty of things you can do right in the comfort of your own home. Even if you are single person looking to bring romance into your life these things can help. If you surround yourself with romance, you are more likely to attract it to your relationships and into your life in general. Feeling romantic is sometimes all it takes to bring romance to your everyday life. Begin with the lighting in your home. A piano lamp or several piano lamps can create a soft feeling of ambiance in every room, regardless of whether you own an instrument or not.

The colors in your home can alter the feeling a great deal. If you wanted to feel bold and creative, you would choose colors that create this feeling. However, if it is romance you are seeking, you will need to go in another direction on the color palette. You have plenty of options, but the ideal colors are those that are warm and soft or deep and passionate. This means colors like deep honey, warm rose or cozy oranges are going to work well, as are dark plums and shades of red. Paint a few samples in each room so you can see how the paint colors go with the lighting in the room. This helps you make a more realistic choice that will work in your home.

Fabrics in your home make a big difference in how things feel. If you want romance, the feeling of the fabrics is very important. Nobody would want to sleep on itchy wool sheets and the same goes for all other textiles in your home. Choose fabrics that feel soft and smooth against the skin. You will want to feel warm and relaxed and have a desire to get cozy. Many romantic nights begin cuddled up on the couch surrounded by a cozy, soft blanket.

The smell of your home will have a major effect on how you feel when you are in the space. If there are unpleasant smells, you need to eliminate them regardless of your ultimate goal. It is important that you like the smell of your home. In addition to enjoying the smell, you can create a feeling of romance with certain fragrances. Hints of sandalwood, lavender or rose may be just what you need to get you feeling romantic. Smell different fragrances until you find one that makes you feel sexy. Once you know what fragrance you like, bring it into your home with candles, essential oils and room sprays.

Finally, remember music can set the mood. Tonight when your partner returns home, shut off the television and listen to music together. This directs the attention back onto the two of you instead of taking the focus away and toward a television program.

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