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Accenting The Special Pieces In Your Home

January 17th, 2011

While your home may be filled with a variety of items that are useful or meaningful, there may be a few things that you really treasure and want to highlight. This may be a memento from the past, something you inherited from a family member or a piece of art that you invested in and plan to pass along to your relatives. If you have something you want to stand out and be treasured in your home, there are decorating tips you can use to accent the piece and enable it to really get noticed. Not only will visitors in your home notice it, you will be able to focus on it and really enjoy your investment. Lighting is a great way to accent a piece and using a grand piano lamp or piano light is a great way to bring attention to something. The lighting is often subtle, but is just enough to draw the eye in and help you focus on something that is special.

Using color to accent a piece is a great way to draw attention to something. Different colors give off different feelings, so if you want to highlight something and create a sense of calm or serenity, choose colors that are cool and relaxing. If you want to bring a feeling of excitement to a piece, choose warm, bright colors like red or purple. Remember colors reflect lighting in different ways and the accent colors you choose should contrast with the item to really make it stand out. Choose an accent color that is directly across from the color of your special piece on the color wheel to really make the piece stand out.

Another way to accent furniture is to remove color from the space surrounding it. Instead of choosing a color that will make your item stand out, accent it with a complete lack of color. A plain space will allow the attention in the room to focus on the special item you want to highlight. The eye is drawn to the item in the room that has color and pattern when the surrounding area is white and void of color and pattern.

If your special item is of value, consider roping it off. This may seem extreme for a private residence, but if your item is worth money and it draws the attention of family members and visitors, you need to create a safe way to keep people from damaging the special piece. Tastefully roping off the area in which the item is kept allows you to admire it from a distance, protecting the item and allowing it to retain its value.

Finally, if your item will not lose value if it is used, be sure to enjoy it as much as possible! One of the biggest mistakes people make is ignoring items that are special. Make owning nice pieces worth your while by putting them to use and incorporating them into your everyday life. Making memories with your special items add meaning and help you feel better about heirloom items.

Stewart Wrighter has purchased a grand piano lamp online at a discount for his church. His wife ordered a Piano light for her music room at the local high school.

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