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How To Create An Elegant Home

January 17th, 2011

Creating an elegant look and feel in your home is a challenge for many homeowners. It can be tough to create a comfortable environment that is practical for everyday living, while still having things look sophisticated and elegant. This is especially true if you have children. A look of sophistication is not always possible if you have toys and games all over your home. Luckily, there are solutions for creating elegance regardless of what your lifestyle is like. All you need to do is blend comfort and practicality with timeless ideas that are sophisticated and elegant. Begin with the lighting in your home. Piano lights and chandeliers add soft lighting to a space, but still offer enough brightness for task-oriented living. House of Troy can help you find the right solution when it comes to home lighting.

When choosing colors for your home, the traditional colors work the best for a classic look. Some homeowners may think you are limited when it comes to choosing elegant colors but the truth is, most colors can be elegant when they are the right shade. Some no-fail elegant colors include navy or ice blue, pinks, shades of brown or grays and greens. If some of the colors seem to bold or dark for your style, consider painting three walls of a space a neutral shade and create one accent wall with the deeper, elegant shade.

If you want to create an elegant look in your home, the furniture and accessories may be the first thing you want to change. Furniture should be tasteful and classic if you are trying to create a feeling of elegance. You can still have comfortable pieces, but timeless pieces work best for an elegant look. This may mean investing a little more than you originally had in your budget for furnishings, but elegance transcends trends, so you will be able to hold onto your pieces for a long time without them looking dated. Be sure you invest in sturdy pieces that can handle a lot of living.

One of the easiest ways to create an elegant look is to keep your space tidy. You may already have an elegant home, but if it is cluttered, it will look nothing like what you are envisioning, Get the space organized and cleaned up. If you have kids, move their toys out of the room and into a playroom. This way you will create the feeling of elegance you are searching for.

Finally, remember the use of the space and how you behave while using the space. Sometimes the feel of a room is based on what people are doing while in the room. Move the casual family space to a game room or place where the family can let look and encourage people to behave with elegance if you want a more elegant, formal space. You may be creating a dining room or formal living room, both of which should be more elegant and refined. Limit the activity in the room so you can maintain a feeling of elegance.

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