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Fancy Flowers Do Not Have To Be Real

January 17th, 2011

Not all of us have a green thumb when it comes to keeping things growing and flourishing. Indeed, for these people, giving them some potted little gem is like insulting their intelligence since they know full well that the thing will die in a short time. However, there are some innovations which may help in the form of artificial flowers and silk plants which look almost as good as the real thing.

One of those places that need this kind of decoration is at a wedding. The bridal bouquet and the buttonholes all have to match in with the general color theme of the wedding, but getting them made up before the event can have some rather disastrous results. For example, the amateur enthusiast may just spray the blooms the night before to find them all brown and wilted in the morning.

There are some blooms which do not like water on their petals direct. Orchids and lilies are just such blossoms and many a person has been caught out by this simple mistake. However, by getting some beautiful faux blooms, nothing much can go wrong with them at all and they make lovely keepsakes of the big day as well.

The wonderful thing about faux blooms too is that even the oddest of colors can usually be found. Nature is the best of course, but there are some modern brides who just want something a bit different for her big day. That particular shade of orange or purple may not be available with real blooms so opting for the faux variety may just be the right thing to do.

Some florists have even come up with another great idea. That is, using foliage and real greenery to back up the faux blooms so that the whole thing looks real. Indeed, many people have been known to try to smell the blooms only to find that they are sniffing at something that has been man-made!

For the home and office too, these faux blooms really fit in perfectly with the type of decor that is there. For the home or office that has that Zen like look, one perfect orchid in its own decorative glass looks wonderful set on a shelf or on a stark coffee table. Many traditional homes tend to have larger arrangements with some people decorating the whole mantle piece with a long and luxurious concoction with strands of ivy hanging down from it.

Wall decorations with faux blooms, add a distinctive touch to any room and keeps the blossoms up and out-of- the-way of sticky fingers which just may be curious about what is sitting there. Of course, these can be cleaned quite easily with the instructions for how to achieve this being available from the seller. Sometimes it is just a matter of using household salt and a plastic bag to shake the salt over the arrangement to knock off any dust, while at other times, some rather innovative chemicals can be used to keep the arrangement looking at its best.

Stewart Wrighter finds it simpler to buy silk plants online for decorating your home. His wife ordered artificial flowers to decorate her office.

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